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Articles by Subject

Featured Sections

Biz Buzz
1/17/13: Solo show at the MAT Jan. 24-27
2/28/13: Biz Buzz: Open house for Busey's 101st
3/7/13: MAT: Shows at new, old venues
3/14/13: Silver Key store now open Saturdays
3/28/13: British-styled store in Old Colorado City
4/4/13: Simpich presents 'Pilgrim's Progress'
4/18/13: Chance to 'join the art community'
5/2/13: Angler's opens 2 adjacent outdoor shops
6/13/13: Simpich confronted his own 'Beast"
7/18/13: Honey Cottage changes hands
7/25/13: Old Colorado City ArtWalk Aug. 2
8/1/13: New businesses in Old Town
8/22/13: Business sites to drop off CARES donations
8/29/13: Open house at Old Midland site
9/12/13: Westsider publishes first novel
9/19/13: Coats & Cans Drive until Nov. 15
9/26/13: Human/nature aspect in photo contest
10/3/13: Liquor license OK'd for expanded patio
10/10/13: Bank rebranding in 3200 block
10/24/13: Old Town ArtWalk Nov. 1
11/7/13: FEMA reps at hardware store Nov. 8-12
11/14/13: Puppet Maker' to open at Simpich
12/5/13: OCC 'Stroll' attracts evening shoppers

Cobweb Corners
1/3/13: The general called her 'Queen'
1/10/13: Flying... pre-airplane
1/17/13: Hamburger in a house with history
1/24/13: Big snows in 1899 started in January
1/31/13: An electric railway up Ruxton
2/7/13: Riding the Midland on a snowy day
2/14/13: They called them news 'butchers'
2/21/13: The mystery of Monroe Creek
2/28/13: Night-long fire at the rail yards
3/7/13: The Denver hotel explosion of 1895
3/14/13: Driving a car 100 years ago
3/21/13: Teddy was a fan of the region
3/28/13: Auctions at the train depot
4/4/13: An unusual railroad pass
4/11/13: The man named Roswell
4/18/13: Women filling men's jobs
4/25/13: Conductor Scrim and the Ruxton line
5/2/13: Palmer's friend, Dr. Bell
5/9/13: The unbuilt Short Line station
5/16/13: The big storm in May of 1904
5/23/13: Home for a dinky and art at Windy Point
5/30/13: That winding road above Manitou
6/6/13: Coal was key in early Springs
6/13/13: The saga of Stratton
6/20/13: The days of multiple gold mills
6/27/13: Where the region got its wood
7/11/13: Manitou's former limestone quarry
7/18/13: Inner workings of a gold mill
7/25/13: The trucks take over
8/1/13: Summer months, then and now
8/8/13: The 'other' incline
8/15/13: The modern cog road
8/22/13: The Automobiliary
8/29/13: A visiting palace on wheels
9/5/13: The hotel on Pike's Peak
9/12/13: A small but controversial railway
9/19/13: A tough storm for the Midland
9/26/13: The Gray Ghost and the baron
10/3/13: More on the balanced rocks
10/10/13: The president's train trip of 1901
10/17/13: A parade for Whittier's cornerstone
10/24/13: A visit from a Vanderbilt
10/31/13: Train wreck near the Rock Island station
11/7/13: A Pueblo-to-Springs track record
11/14/13: Teller County's sleeper-car tax grab
11/21/13: Model T ads didn't talk about this
11/27/13: Excitement on the train from Cripple Creek
12/5/13: The Balanced Rock 'war' winds down
12/12/13: What goes up comes down... another way
12/19/13: Cars driving up the cog tracks

Editor's Desk
1/3/13: Out with the old, but first...
1/10/13: Life in the sausage factory
1/17/13: Red Rock and the Bocks
1/24/13: And someday they'll ask where it was
1/31/13: Two to think about
2/7/13: A more distant hammer
2/14/13: Where credit is due
2/21/13: The night time is the white time
2/28/13: Has anybody seen that elephant?
3/7/13: Out on a limb in District 3
3/14/13: Sleuthing through District 1
3/21/13: Commenting randomly
3/28/13: Wake-up call for dreamers
4/4/13: New council, future lines
4/11/13: A wallop at a gallop
4/18/13: Anti-fear mongering
4/25/13: A reality show worth watching
5/2/13: If just one vegetable's life is saved...
5/9/13: One plea short of a bargain
5/16/13: Conflict and Westside subject matter
5/23/13: Territory Days and beyond
5/30/13: A good time was - beep, beep
6/6/13: Educational transplanting
6/13/13: Pumping out the history
6/20/13: The latest award
6/27/13: Calendar-watching
7/11/13: Kum & Go - is the fix in?
7/18/13: Camp Creek rising... to city's front burner?
7/25/13: Defining a community center
8/1/13: In quest of Kum & Go alternatives
8/8/13: West/West: A look ahead... and back
8/15/13: In search of Snidely Whiplash
8/22/13: The butterflies' premature flight
8/29/13: Historical Society in need; and the recall
9/5/13: Celebrating in Old Colorado City
9/12/13: Get your snarky right here
9/19/13: Councilman King's town hall
9/26/13: Engineers getting their feet wet
10/3/13: The two sides of CDOT
10/10/13: Fillmore and Cimarron... can it be?
10/17/13: Camp Creek meeting - it's a start
10/24/13: Amendment (6)66
10/31/13: The 'marathon' for Bancroft Park
11/7/13: Cheery news from Coronado
11/14/13: All the news that's fit to put online
11/21/13: The wildland transient interface
11/27/13: More about the Pioneer going online
12/5/13: Here's to the Comeback Cougars
12/12/13: The woes of filling a newspaper
12/19/13: 2014 will keep the Westside on its toes

Guest Columns
1/17/13: Need community solution by Mike Crepeau
2/28/13: Insight into William Mellen's beliefs by Delores Gustafson
4/18/13: Solar: 'CSU will lose money'
5/30/13: New fund replaces stolen GoG plaque By Janis Heuberger
9/12/13: New tack on Goodwill site by Welling Clark
10/24/13: Historical Society mission by Joanne Karlson, Sharon Swint and Susie Schorsch
11/14/13: Clark addresses Senate subcommittee By Sallie Clark
11/21/13: Your Westside is my Westside now By Sarah L. Pottenger
12/5/13: Thank you, Pioneer By David Rasmussen
12/19/13: 'Simply wonderful' By T.J. McGinty
12/19/13: What I did... and what I will still do! Therese Jordan
12/19/13: What to expect with online Pioneer By Travers Jordan

1/3/13: Decorated Garden tree brings joy from John Crumlin
1/3/13: Mixed reactions to Dec. 20 column from Barry Johnson-Fay
1/3/13: Mixed reactions to Dec. 20 column from Jon Weir
1/10/13: People need to pick up after their dogs from Elizabeth Roberts
1/31/13: More history on Queen Palmer from Delores Gustafson
3/7/13: Solar deal 'waste of ratepayer money' from Dick Standaert
3/7/13: UN initiated 'environmental scam' from Robert LaLanne
3/14/13: Opposes council's solar subsidy push from Jim Bensberg
3/14/13: Support for Brandy Williams from Mary Ellen McNally
3/21/13: With councilman, 'who needs enemies'? from Ted Arment
4/4/13: Aunt and uncle enjoying subscription from Julie Trout
5/9/13: 'Delighted' about Farmers Market move from Jann Durkin
5/16/13: Dogs at Farmers Market no delight from Cecilia Greenhalgh
5/16/13: 'Informative article' on metal thieves from Steve Bartley
5/16/13: Use California law to slow scrappers from Barbara Hitchcock
5/23/13: Church's food pantry open to anyone from Lauren Wasinger
6/20/13: Concern about proposed Kum & Go from Jerry Tolve
7/18/13: Do what's best long term from Joyce Cheney
7/18/13: Plan will hurt existing stores from Joe Atencio
7/25/13: The anti-Kum & Go petition from Sue Spengler
7/25/13: Will not patronize new Kum & Go from Eugene RedHawk
8/8/13: Speeding issue on West Pikes Peak from Steven Martin
8/8/13: Supports Kum & Go in OCC from Dave Hughes
8/15/13: Kum & Go out of place in Old Town from Valerie Rosenkrantz
8/15/13: Restoration on Palmer Trail from Jim Schwerin
9/5/13: Another kind of volleyball 'service' from Stormie Wells
9/5/13: News coverage appreciated from Don Ellis
9/12/13: Glad Kum & Go gave up on OCC from Joe Atencio
9/19/13: Herpin no friend of the free market from Brad Collins
9/26/13: Agrees with most of Sept. 19 letter from Sharon McKiernan
10/3/13: Thank you to Powwow leaders from Andy Morris
10/10/13: Fillmore water-line project concerns from Deborah Schaulis
11/7/13: Thanks for Safe Treats assistance from Judy, Lori, and Vanessa
11/21/13: 'Bummed,' but supportive from Carol Corcoran
11/21/13: Hopeful for online Pioneer's future from Sharon Swint
11/27/13: Letters: From Nancy Imhof
11/27/13: Appreciated 'Child' coverage from Melissa Klute
11/27/13: Enforce camping ban more strictly from Paula Fischer
11/27/13: No computer, so no Pioneer from Joseph Atencio
12/5/13: Support for Pioneer's online move from Steve Bartley

Meet a Westside Pioneer
9/19/13: Katie Brickell Moore
12/12/13: Tena Logan

Meet a Westsider
1/31/13: Elaine Radney
2/7/13: Anne Bakken
3/14/13: Allison Buckley
3/28/13: Katie Clarke
4/4/13: Shirley Wick
4/11/13: Martha Thompson
4/18/13: Bradford Collins
4/25/13: Rita Cohen
5/2/13: Cassandra Eacker
5/9/13: Janella Cranmer
5/30/13: Deb Komitor
6/6/13: Nikolai H. Woolf
6/13/13: Kelly Call
6/20/13: N. Rioux Jordan
6/27/13: Sue Spengler
7/18/13: Janet Durkin
7/25/13: Simon Andrews
8/1/13: Chris Baum
8/8/13: Gail Ethier
10/10/13: Joyce Cheney
10/31/13: Janeen Bohannon
11/7/13: Jenny Hickman
11/21/13: Wendy McGowan
11/27/13: Dee Anna Thompson
12/5/13: Mike Mazzola

Nature Narratives:
1/10/13: Nature's surprises in 2012
3/7/13: Snowy tracks
6/6/13: The wild horses of Wash Basin
9/19/13: The Stardust constellation
11/7/13: 3 seasons of butterflies
12/12/13: Backyard bobcats - a very short tale

Westside Briefs
1/3/13: 'Mountain Man' talk at History Center
1/17/13: New Horizons jazz recital Jan. 25
1/31/13: Westside Briefs: History Center highlights Espinosas
2/7/13: Drought, bugs attacked Bristol Park trees
2/28/13: 2 upcoming History Center programs
3/7/13: Garden has plots available
3/21/13: 2 homicides on Westside
3/28/13: OCCHS plans fundraiser, author event
4/11/13: Cleanup day at Red Rock April 20
4/18/13: Cleaning up the county April 27
4/25/13: Earth Day draws close to 4,000
5/9/13: Whittlers back for 30th annual show
5/16/13: Garman to give presentation on his career
5/30/13: Care Mobile at Community Center
6/6/13: 5 free concerts in Bear Creek Park
6/13/13: Car show helps Children's Hospital
6/20/13: Former astronauts at Space Foundation
6/27/13: Shriners host 'Rachael' car show fundraiser
7/11/13: Councilman Knight town hall July 15
7/18/13: Silver Key info session July 24
7/25/13: High National Counties office for Clark
8/1/13: Red Rock beautification day Aug. 10
8/15/13: 'Happy Trails' for TOSC and Nature Center
8/29/13: Gold Hill Mesa offers outdoor concerts
9/12/13: Endurance hiker at GoG Visitor Center
9/19/13: Humane Society to hold Pawtoberfest
10/3/13: PD HOT Team to give presentation Oct. 10
10/10/13: Nature-themed art at Bear Creek
10/17/13: 'Foster Open House' at cat rescue center
10/24/13: One Nation fundraiser at Ghost Town
10/31/13: Councilmember town hall Nov. 5
11/7/13: Springs invited back for 2014 cycle race
11/14/13: Garden named after Char Nymann
11/21/13: 1905 Colorado City candy-making book
11/27/13: Nature Center to lighten up Dec. 6
12/5/13: Library to honor Pioneer's decade Dec. 1

Westside politickin'
2/14/13: Bensberg, King schedule gatherings

Westside Schools
1/10/13: No Westside closures recommended
1/17/13: Store donation aids Jackson art
1/31/13: Midland starts 'Love a Book' drive
2/14/13: West 5th-graders make mark on bench
3/14/13: AcademyACL picks up 'STEAM'
3/28/13: Westside schools: CHS'er nabs 1st in Betty Field category
5/9/13: Lincoln assassination reenactment
5/16/13: Homeschoolers to national science tourney
8/8/13: Academy ACL to start classes Aug. 12
10/24/13: Coronado festival invites younger kids

What do you do?
1/3/13: Catherine Barbo
1/10/13: Cyndi Fallon
1/17/13: Sheila Hartle
1/24/13: Sara Ferguson
2/14/13: Casey Bopp
2/21/13: Janet Clouse
2/28/13: Mary Burright
3/7/13: Randy Fair
3/21/13: Sarah Ray
5/16/13: Juli Walker
5/23/13: Becca Bishop
7/11/13: Katie Losey
8/15/13: Cynthia Maniscalco
8/22/13: Raquel Ford
8/29/13: Karen Bartlett
9/5/13: Kathleen McFadden
9/12/13: Karen Gardow
9/26/13: Kelly McCarty
10/3/13: Aaron Mojica
10/17/13: Tim Kippel
10/24/13: Michele Pribble
11/14/13: Chris Donahue

Other Articles

1/31/13: Art where you least expect it
1/31/13: The man who painted that building off Highway 24
5/16/13: El Dorado closes after 33 years in Old Town
6/27/13: Community art project in Vermijo Park July 1-5
7/11/13: Vermijo Park retaining wall becomes a mural

Bear Creek Nature Center
9/5/13: Training offered for nature center docents
10/24/13: Nature on canvas

Beidleman Nature Center/Sondermann Park
10/31/13: Concerns about Sondermann tree-cutting; city responds

8/15/13: CD, book from local musician, historian
9/5/13: Westside Pioneer family members collaborate on children's adventure book
12/5/13: Book talks first-hand about Rock Ledge cattle-ranching in '40s-'50s
12/12/13: Once upon a time... A talking rabbit set out to find his destiny

Boy Scouts
1/24/13: Eagle Scout project

Buildings, New Construction, and Real Estate
1/31/13: Preservation or plunder? Mesa Road group seeks city OK to create master plan for area
2/28/13: Plan submitted for memory-care project
3/21/13: 4 years after fire, house demolition set
3/28/13: Saga of a house
4/4/13: Dental office relocates after major remodel
4/11/13: Construction begins on VA clinic project
4/18/13: Apartments planned on Monument St. lot
5/23/13: One's being redeveloped, the other torn down: Express Inn site to face wrecking ball in June
5/23/13: One's being redeveloped, the other torn down: Interior demo complete for future Spruce hotel
6/13/13: Planners to vote on Monument Street project
6/20/13: Kum & Go founder dies at age 78
6/20/13: Kum & Go: OWN board votes no; 3 on maintenance board question location
6/27/13: Kum & Go also proposed on S. 21st
7/11/13: Kum & Go seeks city nod for 21st & Broadway
7/18/13: Construction to start soon on Gabion
7/25/13: Fast-food to replace restaurant demolished at Red Rock center
7/25/13: Workshop kicks off Kum & Go compatibility quest
8/22/13: Plan submitted for five single-family lots at 'old Bristol'
8/29/13: Now Pinery wants to be a restaurant too: Neighborhood meeting on applications Sept. 11; previous city OK was for wedding/event center
9/19/13: City tells Pinery: Provide more traffic info
10/10/13: Pinery: Restaurant OK'd; variances to Planning Commission
10/31/13: Fire not cause for Express Inn demo delay
10/31/13: Local company has taken over from Sunrise on most of Kissing Camels properties homebuilding
11/7/13: Follow-up: Schmidt group still involved at Camels

Centennial Extension
2/14/13: Centennial extension project to remain dormant for now
11/27/13: Centennial extension finale to start in 2016

4/11/13: Indian Center moves to BAC in Manitou Springs
5/9/13: In church basement 30 years, charity seeks avenue location
5/23/13: Rotary welcomes Osborne Trust grant applications
8/8/13: Spielman Center name shelved in move
8/29/13: Kissing Camels golf event school fundraiser
9/12/13: Westside CARES moving into new building, opening to public Sept. 23
10/31/13: GoG Rotary sees numbers drop; hopes to add members
10/31/13: Rotary awards $119,000 from Osborne Trust to 17 nonprofits aiding the poor
11/7/13: An on-the-scene look at Operation Christmas Child
11/27/13: Thanksgiving 'Extravaganza' for Westside CARES

1/31/13: Low point for Arveson Shrine site
2/21/13: Arveson house on demolition path; 11 charges of animal cruelty
2/21/13: Insights about the shrine? Please call
3/21/13: Follow-up: Arveson Shrine sisters buried at Evergreen
3/28/13: Westside churches announce Easter services for Sunday, March 31
4/11/13: Wellbriety on its own now but going strong at Trinity
9/5/13: Former Eagle Stop to become church parking

Cimarron Bridge/Interchange
4/11/13: Will state be swayed by $5M 'pot sweetener' for Cimarron interchange? Tune in after May 1
10/10/13: $$ at last for Cimarron, Fillmore interchanges
12/12/13: CDOT: New Cimarron interchange to be ready by July 2017

City Parks
3/14/13: New foundation seeks to improve Bancroft Park
10/31/13: Old Colorado City Foundation anticipates 'marathon' to get Bancroft improvements

County Parks
1/31/13: Bear Creek easement advances
4/25/13: County Dog Park rules listed
9/19/13: 3rd year for Great Parks Festival at Bear Creek Park
9/26/13: Moving up in the world
11/7/13: Goats return to Bear Creek Park

Dave Hughes
6/20/13: Hughes to be 1st recipient of mayor's Inspirational Leader award
7/11/13: Bach tells Hughes: 'I can't thank you enough'
8/1/13: Hughes' story from Korean War about expectant father is part of president's speech on Armistice

2/21/13: 'Crypt' on Community Center stage Feb. 24

5/16/13: Outdoor concert season starts May 21
6/6/13: Brisk advance signups for 'Spectacular'
6/27/13: Mitsubishi Hill Climbers find Westside hotrod shop
8/8/13: Pinery at the Hill: 1st booked event Sept. 28
8/15/13: Bandleader celebrates 18th b-day on stage
8/22/13: OCC Car Show tops 400 vehicles for 2nd time
8/22/13: Proud of her 'chick car'

Farmer's Market
5/2/13: Farmers Market to move off the street
5/16/13: Hughes denied in plea to city to let market stay on 24th St.
6/13/13: New location, no problem: Good crowds, steady sales at new Farmers Market layout
10/3/13: Park rented, so no Farmers Market Oct. 5
10/17/13: Good-bye for a while

Garden of the Gods
2/7/13: 8th Bighorn Sheep Day Feb. 16 at Visitor Center
4/4/13: RMFI continues Central Garden restoration, social trail closures
4/11/13: GoG Visitor Center, Rock Ledge set for Earth Day April 20
4/25/13: How is your Garden groomed?
9/5/13: Upper Trail Loop effort technical focus in RMFI fall GoG workdays
10/3/13: Multiple programs in October at Garden of Gods Visitor Center
10/17/13: Foothills Trail reopens after city clears 'flood plain' of sediment
11/21/13: 3-year boost complete for GoG's Central Garden
12/19/13: GoG sets personal best in annual bird count numbers

Gold Hill Mesa
2/14/13: 22 units in Gold Hill Mesa Filing 2A
5/23/13: Follow-up
6/27/13: Gold Hill Mesa moves forward on residential and commercial fronts: Per-lot escrow account to fund 21st St. widening; negotiations proceed with 1st potential business
8/15/13: 3 from Gold Hill Mesa project in Parade of Homes Aug. 16-Sept. 1
11/21/13: Gold Hill Mesa will start Filing 2B

5/23/13: Goodwill steps up 2300 block activity... at least for now
6/13/13: Goodwill ready to sell land in 2300 block south of avenue to Kum & Go for store, pumps: Preliminary proposal to be discussed at public meeting June 27
7/11/13: Unfazed by opposition, Kum & Go still planning store in 2300 block: Citizens question compatibility; Goodwill admits financial need for sale
7/18/13: Petition drive against Kum & Go in 2300 block of Colo. Ave. nears 600 signatures
8/1/13: Kum & Go opposition heats up: Workshop invitees talk design while those uninvited hit the streets
8/8/13: Kum & Go foes to demonstrate, present petition
8/15/13: Plaza, not pumps - alternate plan for Goodwill site
8/22/13: An OCC board takes a stand: Maintenance committee votes no to 2300 block Kum & Go
9/5/13: Kum & Go gives up on Old Colorado City plan
10/17/13: Two key meetings Oct. 22 on Westside: OWN-picked panel to focus on OCC future; meanwhile, Goodwill rethinks selling site that Kum & Go was to buy
10/24/13: No Goodwill, so meeting on OCC future settles for talk

1/10/13: Clearing the air
2/7/13: History Center: Too small for mayor's town hall?
Question for the mayor? City boss sets town hall at History Center Feb. 19
2/14/13: Westside leaders, not city attorney, hatched 20-foot rule
2/21/13: Crowd overflows mayor's history center town hall; sequel planned in March
2/28/13: Motion for 2nd hearing evaporates
2/28/13: Pain or gain? Plan for 20-year, $23M utility solar subsidy
3/7/13: Mayor to return to Westside March 19
3/14/13: Mayor to highlight budget at town hall
3/21/13: Town hall: Mayor answers critics, shares budget vision
4/4/13: Committee to help city clerk redistrict for 2017 election
4/11/13: Outgoing council approves solar subsidy; opponents criticize program costs, while supporters say it makes city look good
4/25/13: Council approves $10M for flood safety
9/19/13: District 3 councilman to host town hall Sept. 25
9/26/13: Stormwater, 'Champions' at King town hall
10/24/13: D-11 candidates take sides on Amendment 66 in Nov. 5 election

Groups and Clubs
1/31/13: New Horizons 'kicks' off 11th year of music
8/1/13: New place to get in the swing
8/1/13: New Optimist club seeks members
8/15/13: Eagles club plans benefit for family that lost home in fire
10/31/13: Addiction group: 1st meeting Nov. 5
10/31/13: New Garden of the Gods Club owners plan 'wellness center' that would be open to public
11/7/13: Classic car club celebrates 35th year with Westside event

Health and Medical
3/7/13: Public can offer name ideas for for new VA clinic
9/26/13: Clinic for vets still a go for May 2014
10/3/13: Grading begins for memory-care center next to Village at Skyline
10/24/13: Urgent-care center finds home at Roundhouse
11/7/13: Flu shots free to uninsured at center Nov. 13

Highway 24
8/22/13: Flood warning can close Ute Pass
8/22/13: Highway 24 cleanup set Aug. 24
10/3/13: New highway speed limit faster than future plans call for

5/2/13: McFarland: a history of the historian
7/18/13: 100 years ago, bad-boy Ramona became Westside's 'whiskey town'
7/18/13: Writer seeks help in book on drinking town

1/24/13: Library has Friends
3/28/13: OCC Library: time changes, celebration
4/18/13: A colorful addition to National Library Week
6/6/13: '700 years of ideas,' 75-year-old Garman tells library audience
10/3/13: Attention, writers! OCC Library offering $100 prize in contest for best story with Westside theme

Local Businesses
1/3/13: Wine bar is Upstairs from bakery
1/10/13: Store moves to Templeton corner, expands offerings
2/7/13: 'Dream come true' for new Yakitori Grill owner
2/14/13: 2nd Amanda's Fonda to open on east side
3/21/13: Garden biz: Finally, it's all one big Rick's
4/18/13: 'GoG RV Resort' celebrates new name, upgrades
4/25/13: Not a last resort
5/23/13: Westside store owner: Gun-control backlash no financial bonanza
5/30/13: GoG Gourmet plans move to 26th & Hwy 24
8/1/13: Westside carpenter creates furniture from burn areas
9/5/13: Here's a tip: If you want a good harpsichord, build it yourself
11/14/13: Westside Pioneer to publish online only, starting in January
12/5/13: Westside Pioneer starting e-mail notification list for online readers in January
12/12/13: How we did it: Behind the scenes in the 10-year saga of the printed Pioneer By Kenyon Jordan
12/19/13: How we did it: A typical week's work during the Westside Pioneer's print saga (concluded) by Kenyon Jordan
12/19/13: To our readers: Thanks, and see you online

9/12/13: Westsider/WW2 vet Tom Hendrix has seat on next Honor Flight to D.C.
11/14/13: New vet clinic to be named after Cheyenne Mountain High grad who earned WWII Medal of Honor, then died in a later battle

Miscellaneous News
1/3/13: Westside in 2013: Busy year, but fire undeniable as top story
1/10/13: Meetings elsewhere with Westside impacts
10/3/13: Dealing with bears? Some tips from State Parks
12/19/13: Westside's stories of the year: Coronado football title hard to beat

3/21/13: Tesla Museum open

3/14/13: City Council reverses Planning Commission on Rawles master plan appeal
8/1/13: Time runs out for community garden on 28th Street

No Man's Land
3/14/13: Open house to recap plans for avenue upgrade so far
10/10/13: Study of avenue west of 31st to resume

Norris-Penrose Events Center
1/17/13: Equestrian building in race for completion
1/31/13: Week delay needed on 1st N-P Langer event
2/7/13: Langer: Lights come on at Norris-Penrose
6/20/13: Ride for the Brand at Norris-Penrose June 29
6/27/13: Annual Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo July 10-13

2/14/13: In memoriam: Leland Feitz, storyteller
6/20/13: In memoriam: Neil I. Luehring
7/18/13: In memoriam: Jim Hye
9/12/13: In memoriam: Annette Niswonger

Old Colorado City
3/28/13: ArtWalk starts 8th season in Old Colorado City April 5
4/25/13: Eat, drink and be merry for Bancroft
4/25/13: Old Colorado City ArtWalk May 3
5/2/13: Bancroft fundraiser exceeds expectations
5/30/13: Old Colorado City ArtWalk June 7
6/27/13: Weekly blues shows return to Bancroft Park
8/8/13: Vehicle limit raised to 425 for annual Good Times Car Show
8/29/13: Follow-up: Good Times Car Show
9/19/13: Food, drink, chef's cook-off to highlight Bancroft Park fundraiser Sept. 29
9/26/13: Sunday, Sept. 29 for 'Harvest'
10/3/13: Having raised $27K, OCCF seeks public's ideas for park
10/10/13: Big pumpkins in Old Town Plaza Oct. 19
10/17/13: Fair scare
10/24/13: Pumpkins not so giant; crowds undeterred
10/24/13: Safe Treats sweet finale for Scarecrow Days in OCC
11/7/13: Old Colorado City streets fill up with candy day costumes
11/21/13: First-time 'Christmas Stroll' in Old Town Nov. 30
11/27/13: Bancroft Santa: $10 fee now for visit, photo
12/12/13: Optimism as 8th year of ArtWalk draws to a close
12/12/13: 'Unsilent Night' Dec. 21 at Bancroft Park
6/27/13: Old Colorado City perseveres
11/7/13: Credit card option on new OCC meters
11/21/13: Tale of two signals: Colbrunn Court crossing to be eliminated
11/21/13: Tale of two signals: Pedestrian light by Goodwill to remain for now
   Old Colorado City Security and Maintenance District
8/1/13: 4 months and he's planted 1,500 flowers

Old Colorado City Historical Society
2/21/13: History Center hosts open house on Bock family memorabilia
5/2/13: McFarland railroad talk May 10
5/16/13: Model train at History Center
5/23/13: Eagle project gives History Center unique benches
6/27/13: Classic cinema experience set for OCCHS' 'Tuesday Nights'
8/1/13: All OCCHS Founders Day activities at History Center this year
8/8/13: Ellis to lead history talk at pavilion Aug. 13
8/15/13: The founders might have sung along
8/29/13: Water getting into History Center; repair help sought
9/5/13: Key new players in OCCHS's annual Cemetery Crawl Sept. 14
9/5/13: OCCHS talk on Ute Prayer Trees
9/19/13: Wet weather brings Cemetery Crawl to a stop
10/3/13: Bancroft without cabin? Historical Society irate at the thought
10/10/13: Door needed
11/27/13: Holiday Tour will again benefit History Center
12/19/13: Chuck Asay in History Center talk Jan. 10

OWN (The Organization of Westside Neighbors)
1/24/13: Board election, speakers on local issues at OWN Town Hall Jan. 31
2/7/13: CSPD, Sheriff's Office putting resources into No Man's Land
3/21/13: Overlay: over and out; But Westside property owners can still get recognition, rewards for historic preservation
5/23/13: OWN plans Neighbors Picnic, Spirit Awards at center July 20
7/11/13: OWN crafting lucky 13th for annual picnic at Westside Center
7/18/13: July 20 date for OWN picnic
7/25/13: Biking to the BBQ
7/25/13: Picnic crowd up about 50 from last year's event

6/13/13: Swimmer takes on English Channel

1/3/13: Bids taken to demolish 1726 W. Colorado
1/17/13: Fire preparedness stressed at city-wide meeting
3/21/13: Former Bock Road makes difference in Red Rock fire
4/4/13: CSO's make life easier for cops... and residents
4/18/13: What do you think about CSPD's efforts to improve response?
5/9/13: No time behind bars for five implicated in historic jail theft
5/23/13: Part of Waldo burn area reopening
5/30/13: 'These are not homeless people': Multimedia campaign on panhandlers begins
6/6/13: Man charged with late-night GoG gunfire; no one injured
6/13/13: Black Forest Fire affecting Westside in different ways
8/22/13: Thieves ground Old Town's butterfly art
8/29/13: Waldo terrorist link rejected
9/12/13: Sheriff's 'Command Post' spends a few days in OCC
10/10/13: HOT Team talk to be rescheduled
10/17/13: Heads up - police online
11/7/13: More Code Enforcement officers sought; Westside meeting Nov. 13
11/21/13: Close call in fire found at transient camp
11/27/13: Ambassadors back in Old Town for Christmas season
12/5/13: Follow-up: Unknown cause for transient camp fire

1/10/13: 2 more announce for council
1/17/13: Brandy Williams announces for District 3 seat
2/7/13: 5 council candidates each in D-1 & D-3
2/28/13: Forum for D-1, D-3 hopefuls downtown March 7
3/7/13: District 3: Meet the City Council candidates
3/7/13: Meet the City Council candidates: DISTRICT 3
3/14/13: 5 candidates vying to represent City Council's District 1 race
3/14/13: Meet the City Council candidates: DISTRICT 1
3/28/13: Municipal election ballot deadline April 2
4/4/13: Knight, King seek to up council's effectiveness
8/1/13: Recall election on State Sen. Morse Sept. 10
8/29/13: Polls open Sept. 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 for voting on Senator Morse recall
8/29/13: Recall first local election allowing voter registration on Election Day
9/12/13: Morse recall succeeds: Herpin, former City Councilmember, takes over SD-11 seat
10/10/13: Election in spotlight at Oct. 17 OWN forum
10/31/13: School board, 2 state questions on Nov. 5 ballot for Westsiders

5/30/13: 9th annual Dump & Donate in Coronado lot
6/20/13: Wide range of drop-offs at 9th Dump & Donate

Red Rock Canyon
1/3/13: RRC master plan to Parks Board Jan. 10
1/10/13: Red Rock hit again by trail scofflaws
1/17/13: Red Rock Canyon master plan approved; lead project will reroute first half-mile from Sec. 16 Trailhead, eliminate steps
1/17/13: Unknown to many: Bocks were the tamers of Red Rock Canyon
1/24/13: Bock family: Sold Red Rock after plans denied
1/24/13: Red Rock: Trail undo suffers undoing
2/14/13: Red Rock Friends set for pond fund quest
3/7/13: Estimated 300 walk down Bock family's memory lane
4/11/13: Some motorized access being considered to let handicapped experience more of Red Rock
5/2/13: Trail volunteers needed at Red Rock
6/20/13: Red Rock pond work to start this summer: 1st phase is outlet to meet state water laws; Friends group seeks donations to fund refill (2nd phase)
8/1/13: RRC pond work put on hold
8/8/13: Celebration Aug. 17 for Red Rock 10th
8/22/13: Red Rock Canyon 10-year event looks back as well as ahead
10/31/13: Meeting on 77-acre Red Rock tree-cutting plan
11/7/13: RRC Friends group quits fund drive to fill pond
11/14/13: The chainsaws are your friends - fire mitigation project in Red Rock

Rock Ledge Ranch
1/10/13: Rock Ledge needs to keep making money, attracting donations
4/25/13: Rock Ledge: It all started with a cabin
5/30/13: Historic Rock Ledge apple tree all by itself no more
5/30/13: Rock Ledge opens summer season June 1
6/27/13: Ranch to celebrate old-fashioned 4th
7/18/13: 9th annual Fiddles at Rock Ledge follows strategy that's led to two straight sellouts
8/1/13: Despite rain, Fiddles sells out for 3rd straight year
8/29/13: Annual vintage ball game at ranch Sept. 2
9/5/13: Kathy Read savors 35th anniversary of Folk Art Festival, 28th at Rock Ledge
9/5/13: Vintage game: Wait till next year for RLR's Cloud Busters
9/12/13: 4th annual Rock Ledge powwow Sept. 21
9/19/13: Rains wipe out half of Folk Art Festival's annual 3-day business
9/26/13: Free ranch admission for Harvest Fest
9/26/13: Rock Ledge Powwow: 'A blessed celebration'
10/24/13: Ranch offers annual 'Oink' event
12/5/13: 3 musical performers at ranch's annual Holiday Evening Dec. 14

2/7/13: D-11 board votes for closures; Bijou to move, Coronado and Jackson to have more students
2/21/13: Westside schools preparing for new students
2/28/13: Expanded boundaries finalized for Coronado, Jackson
4/11/13: 3 Westside principals to relocate in D-11 shuffle: Landwehr to head Coronado; only 1 boss for West MS/ES
4/25/13: K-6 charter school signs 5-year lease for Whittier building, starting this fall
5/9/13: BV, AACL score in 90s on grade 3 reading TCAPs
5/9/13: Ceremonies mark school year's end
5/23/13: Four Westside sites in D-11's free summer food program
6/6/13: Uprooted Westside school, CHS principal key to plans forming for new Wasson
8/15/13: Most students head back to school Aug. 19
9/12/13: New teachers at Westside public schools
11/14/13: Holmes, West hold Veterans Day ceremonies
11/27/13: End of semester, Christmas season inspire school performances
12/19/13: Junior Achievement readying for move to former Goodwill building
   Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning
8/22/13: Academy ACL's 100, other scores best in district TCAPs
   Bijou School
1/17/13: Bijou School's founder dreads impact if D-11 relocation plan happens
3/7/13: Charter school eyes Whittier/Bijou site
4/18/13: Last Bijou car show on Westside
5/2/13: 58 vehicles at Bijou's last Westside car show
5/23/13: Big turnaround for Bijou's top graduate
   Bristol Elementary
5/23/13: Last hurrah
11/27/13: 'Ev'ry heart beats true under red, white and blue'
   Buena Vista Elementary
5/16/13: Understanding the gravity of the situation
   Coronado High School
1/10/13: 12 again on All-State Choir from Coronado
1/31/13: Food fight? Coronado seeks to repeat against Palmer in unique restaurant fundraiser
2/21/13: Coronado robotics students unveil latest model
3/7/13: Coronado students set annual 'Prom for Seniors' March 16
3/14/13: Big turnout at 'new students' night reflects start of predicted Coronado enrollment upswing
3/21/13: Dancing across generations
3/21/13: Essay contest winner
4/4/13: They were jiu jitsu fighting
4/11/13: CHS robotics scores on and off the field at Denver regionals
5/9/13: Gerber takes over as CHS student leader
5/16/13: Albers, Hayes lead scholars for Class of '13 at Coronado High
6/6/13: 40-year reunion for first Coronado senior class that went all the way through
8/15/13: Enrollments soar at 2 Westside schools: Landwehr feels Coronado in good place as she becomes its principal
9/26/13: Coronado Engineering earns 'PRIME' designation
9/26/13: Students to cook for parade Pancake Breakfast
9/26/13: Winning grid squad amps up annual Coronado Parade
10/3/13: Coronado soph wins state 4A golf title
10/10/13: CHS AVID students help staffer who lost home
10/10/13: Coronado makes OCC Homecoming hot spot
10/31/13: Not quite enough for Coronado
11/7/13: CHS football in state playoffs - last time was '91
11/7/13: Upset win - CHS volleyball to state
11/14/13: Coronado outguns Rifle, will confront Roosevelt in state grid quarterfinals
11/14/13: Rough patch for Coronado volleyball at state
11/21/13: 'Charity' starts at the Coronado auditorium
11/21/13: Cougars roar into state grid semis
11/21/13: Fact check: Football history elusive
11/27/13: Coronado battles to state finals, seeks 1st grid title
11/27/13: Gridders go from zeroes to heroes
12/5/13: 'Storybook' ending for Coronado: Losing years washed away as 'Comeback Cougars' claw their way to state grid title
12/12/13: Taking note(s) of musical spontaneity
   Holmes Middle School
4/11/13: Notable times for Cleopatra
   Howbert Elementary School
4/18/13: Rockin' on for Howbert Elementary
   Jackson Elementary School
5/2/13: Jackson Elementary goes 'Fish'-ing
8/15/13: Enrollments soar at 2 Westside schools: Jackson up over 25%, with most of students from Lincoln and Bates
12/19/13: Singing their way to semester's end
   Midland Elementary
2/28/13: Spanish now Midland's foreign language for IB
5/16/13: Animal rescue study comes to life for students
   Mountain Song Community School
7/25/13: Charter school opens at former Whittier site
7/25/13: Former Whittier playground pieces go to Monroe
   West Middle School
4/18/13: New West/West principal just starting transition from North
8/8/13: 2 schools, 1 principal: Hawkins will be at the center of things at West Middle, Elementary
   West Elementary
1/31/13: Concrete Couch project at West Elementary
2/14/13: Stand and work so others can sit and play
3/28/13: 35 heads shaved for the cause at West Elem.

1/10/13: Going with the floes
2/28/13: White on red
3/21/13: Frozen in time

7/18/13: Westside boots up new senior help group
8/1/13: Union hall hosts retiree info session
10/17/13: Collaborative extends deadline for survey on aging to end of November
10/24/13: Silver Key seeks help with Thanksgiving meal ingredients

Space Foundation
6/6/13: Bigger is better for Space Foundation
7/18/13: Stomping into space

Territory Days
5/16/13: Territory Days back May 25-27; stronger focus for Memorial Day
5/23/13: Territory Days this weekend
5/30/13: City decision forces Territory Days to let in political activists: CSPD makes call during event's first day after city attorney's 'advice' on Recall Morse group

10/17/13: Welling Clark proposes plan to coordinate regional tourism

Trails and Open Space
1/10/13: City yanks plaque before thieves can finish the job
4/4/13: A plaque is back (granite this time) at historic bridge
5/16/13: Wanted: Volunteers for key trail projects: June1: new option from Section 16 Trailhead; June 16: 1st of Intemann link workdays
6/6/13: CATS 'scratch out' trails, aid flood control
6/6/13: New trail alternative takes shape
6/6/13: Volunteers build first part of S-16 trail option
8/22/13: Unique bench added to the Midland Trail

1/17/13: City to replace theft-ruined Hwy 24 streetlights
1/24/13: Avenue from Beckers to 32nd to become 2 lanes plus center lane
2/7/13: Fillmore/Parker stoplight operational
2/7/13: Route 3 may have night route by April
2/14/13: Funding still elusive for Fillmore/I-25 interchange
3/7/13: Fillmore: Night lane reductions
3/7/13: New stoplight technology helps backburner 8th Street interchange
3/21/13: Clean sweep
3/21/13: Route 3 adds weeknight runs
3/28/13: Work begins on new 24th & Colorado stoplight
4/4/13: Fillmore project update: Light at Parker is turned back off
4/18/13: Mystery sharrows on avenue explained
5/2/13: 24th & Colorado stoplight installed, ready for operation
5/2/13: Regional board backs grant request geared to Cimarron/I-25
5/9/13: Demolition nearing for Fillmore/Chestnut gas stations
5/23/13: 24th Street stoplight on
6/13/13: Removal of some bus stops on Route 3 part of 'standardization' proposal; public input requested 6/20/13: Fillmore: Shell station comes down; south part of new Chestnut will open first
6/20/13: Project to extend sidewalk along W. Uintah
7/11/13: Milling, paving on Fontmore, then 8th & 9th
8/8/13: Sidewalk, bike lane part of Uintah CDBG project
8/8/13: South part of 'new' Chestnut set to open
8/22/13: Problem-free opening for new Chestnut 'south leg'
8/29/13: Big changes for Route 3 bus stops through Westside
8/29/13: Safety behind removal of 17th & Colorado pedestrian light
9/5/13: Uintah project continues
9/12/13: Contractor to close Fillmore Sept. 19-23 from I-25 to Sage for RTA project work
9/19/13: 17th Street stoplight gone; now there's a no-left-turn sign
9/19/13: Fillmore closure
9/26/13: City mulls alley closure 2 weeks after collapse
9/26/13: Closure helps Fillmore RTA project schedule
10/3/13: Follow-up: City mulls alley closure 2 weeks after collapse
10/3/13: Follow-up: No more no-left- turn at 17th Street
10/17/13: Follow-up: Easement issue stalls Uintah work
10/17/13: Follow-up: Water-line project to affect Chestnut
10/24/13: State to keep Fillmore bridge open during interchange project
10/31/13: 'New' Chestnut about to open all the way through
11/7/13: Contractor pleased with traffic flow after realigned Chestnut Street opens its 'north leg'
11/14/13: PPACG: Public comment periods start on two regional transportation documents
11/14/13: Uintah project back on; completion seen in December
11/21/13: Route through Springs not in first-phase recommendation for state high-speed rail plan
11/27/13: Fillmore/Chestnut work nearing conclusion

3/28/13: The drought hits home: April starts order limiting outdoor watering to 2 days a week, setting surcharge for higher use
3/28/13: Utilities takes $1.5M hit on wind deal after customers back off
4/25/13: Shadow falls on Utilities' solar subsidy program
8/29/13: Water sign tells good news about customer usage
9/26/13: New project on Fillmore: Springs Utilities begins trenching for water line down hill

1/3/13: Camp Creek - the reason for this fall's vegetation removal
1/10/13: Commissioner Clark's concern: Only a trickle of fire-related flooding $
1/24/13: Local officials in public plea for fire flood $
2/14/13: $44M in Westside projects on $900M regional stormwater list
3/14/13: Navigators make sure debris will have it tough in Camp Creek flood
4/4/13: Pleasant Valley flood issues focus of April 11 confab
4/18/13: Mayor eyes S. Douglas, Camp creeks for upgrades
5/30/13: Flood maps show where water could go
7/11/13: Burn-area rains raise creek levels, concerns
7/18/13: City to set meeting on how to fix Camp Creek
8/15/13: Damp Westside holds its breath as worst of flooding stays in Manitou Springs... for now
9/12/13: Open house on South Douglas repairs Sept. 19
9/12/13: Raining through the night
9/19/13: Heavy rains leave a mark on region, Westside
9/26/13: Work to start on Doug Creek drainage fixes; City sets Camp Creek public meeting Oct. 22
10/17/13: Two key meetings Oct. 22 on Westside: 1st session in effort to specify Camp Creek flood mitigation
10/24/13: Oct. 24 stormwater meeting on Mesa
10/24/13: People, ideas in abundance at 1st Camp Creek confab
12/5/13: Camp Creek: Citizen views sought on flood-control options at Dec. 12 meeting
12/12/13: Year-long Fountain Creek flood restoration study to start in January
12/19/13: 5 concepts for Camp Creek flood control

Westside Center
1/3/13: Weekly teen dances at Westside Community Center to start Jan. 11
6/13/13: The silent treatment... but in a fun way
7/11/13: 1st-time hoop camp attracts younger teens to center
7/25/13: Billie Spielman Center to leave the Westside
9/19/13: All ages welcome at 'Generations Together'
10/3/13: 'Generations Together'
10/3/13: Planting help requested when city brings 20 trees to Westside Community Center Oct. 12
10/17/13: City, volunteers add 13 trees at Westside Center
11/14/13: Early Christmas lights