Will not patronize new Kum & Go
       I have been a resident of the Westside for 31 years! I live in what is called Love & Quimbys annex to Colorado City. I applauded the revitalization of the area. I have not been in favor of some developments, but am hopeful that any new entities will not further degrade it!
       Which brings up Kum & Go. The deviloper (oops, did I spell that wrong?) seems determined to ram this project on Old Colorado City, no matter the consequences!
       From my residence on West Pikes Peak Avenue, I can walk a half block to a 7-Eleven store! Another half block to the west is Wendy's fast food! There is a pizza establishment about to open in the former Old Town Optical shop just a short walk across a parking lot from my house! I get my gasoline and other sundry items from the Valero business just two blocks or so from my residence! I have been satisfied with these businesses.
       Kum & Go may open up, but I see no reasons to visit their establishment! They may Kum and they may Go but they will not have my patronage!
       As for Old Colorado City, maybe a move to deannex the area and establish a separate entity would shake up the “City Fathers” (?) enough. We could even install Dave Hughes as the first mayor!

Eugene RedHawk