EDITORíS DESK: Commenting randomly

       So many topics, so little space...
       Historic overlay - Having followed the twists and turns of this seemingly endless endeavor over the years, I was stunned to hear at last week's Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) meeting that it was actually being resolved. OK, resolved without an overlay, but at least with some kind of mechanism by OWN to encourage Westsiders who want to keep up their older homes in a historically correct manner. Whether many folks will take up the neighborhood advocacy group on its all-carrot, no-stick offer remains to be seen. Those who are really serious, want tax credits and don't mind dealing with (and paying) the city can always apply for a formal overlay on their individual properties. In the end, we get to choose between two preservation options. Nice.
       Mayor's town hall - Having used this space to complain about the mayor (well, mainly the city attorney he hired) and the "strong-mayor" system in general, I suppose it's only fair to say that I came away from Steve Bach's town hall at the Shrine Club March 19 with a generally favorable impression. I especially like his budget approach, which looks hard not only at how taxpayer money is being spent but how to beef up the coffers by nurturing the private sector. Gee, is there a president of some country we know who could benefit from a similar philosophy?
       Rick's Garden Center/Nursery - Isn't that a fun story, with the centerpiece being that Mike and Gail Estes are taking a bold business risk in time-honored entrepreneurial fashion?... Especially after having to deal with the horror of losing their house last June in the Mountain Shadows fire. I have to confess I was one of the many who had to be told in the past that Rick's Nursery and Rick's Garden Center were different enterprises. I got the impression, talking to Mike, that he will be really glad not to have to do that anymore.
       Red Rock Canyon fire - That was definitely a close one March 14. Firefighters are not going to come out and say they might have lost control of the blaze otherwise, but it's ironic that the road to the old landfill, for which the Bocks have been forever criticized, wound up saving the day.

- K.J.