EDITOR’S DESK: Councilman King’s town hall

       I'm going down to tell my city councilman I've had it to here with all this rain, and it's time he put a stop to it.
       What would you bet that Keith King has actually gotten a call like that already?
       In all seriousness, though, it is encouraging that Councilman King, who represents the district that includes the older Westside (and who has the additional cachet of being the council's elected president) is coming to the Westside Community Center Sept. 25 to hold a town hall. Without meaning to sound disrespectful (does saying it like that make it so?), our last councilmember never held a town hall in her two years in office. And King was just elected last April.
       Here's a kind of side point that I find interesting. Keith has told us the starting time is 6:30 p.m. He has not provided an end time. Of course he could always do so, but at least for now, the impression is that we're not “on the clock,” so to speak, and that at some preset buzz on a smartphone he won't be taking off regardless of how many questions remain on the table.
       And there will be questions. I thought it was sensible of him beforehand to contact the board members of the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN), who get around in the community, to see what's on their minds. As can be seen in the article, they weren't shy in their suggestions.
       That's not to say that unaffiliated individuals can't raise their hands and pop up with concerns of their own. But we're talking about Westsiders here, so that's probably not even necessary to mention.
       For my part, I'm interested in the points OWN raised that drive to the heart of the Westside's level of city importance. It's not as if we should be given high priority just because we're so cool over here (well, OK, maybe we should), but because it makes economic sense. There really is a tourism corridor along Colorado Avenue, with visitors boosting the tax base in a big way... and it could be even nicer, if the mayor would look up for a moment from his precious downtown. But did you notice during the Old Colorado City/Kum & Go saga, the total silence from the mayor's office? Maybe he was too busy with his City of Champions (which sounds like a breakfast cereal).
       Anyway, welcome Councilman King. And be ready for an earful.

- K.J.