Herpin no friend of the free market
       The real losers in the Senate District 11 recall election are the those of us who reside in it. Bernie Herpin's words are contrary to his actions. His first bold claim of overturning a renewable energy mandate is laughable considering he voted for the solar garden here and did it in haste to prevent the newly elected City Council a chance to stop it.
       His claim of taking action to bring jobs to Colorado is without merit as well. Again, his record makes his claim nothing more than empty rhetoric. This is the same Bernie Herpin who voted for utility increases multiple times and also supported a tax increase in 2009 that was voted down by the citizens of Colorado Springs. And he voted to subsidize the United States Olympic Committee, a self-sustaining, billion-dollar industry, at the taxpayers' expense.
       His actions are consistently antagonistic towards any concept of a free market, and like others who adhere to the the concept that an elite few have the wisdom of Central Planning the results are always disastrous.
       Unfortunately our choices in this recall were between horrible and terrible. These are not good times to be living in Senate District 11.

Brad Collins