Mixed reactions to Dec. 20 column
       I have been an Old Colorado City resident for the past 13 1/2 years, and enjoy very much the Pioneer's coverage of Westside events and history. I am also very aware of the ideology that often shows up in the Editor's Desk columns.
       However, I was very disappointed with your most recent column - “Merry Christmas - Arm a Teacher” - not so much for the ideas which you offered, with which I strongly disagree as a retired teacher and citizen concerned with the safety and security of our community, but because of the unprofessional language you used. I find the name-calling (“gun control weenies come simpering around”) and near paranoid claims (“… our lives being misdirected by a bunch of utopians... and government-control opportunists using them for cover”).
       It is not being a weenie, or simpering, or a utopian, or a government-control opportunist, to suggest that there is a correlation between the extraordinary number of guns and the high number of gun deaths in the U.S. that needs to be closely examined and dealt with.
       You are free to express your disagreement, but I would hope that in the future you will be more respectful of all your readers in the language you use to argue your ideas.

Barry Johnson-Fay