Thanks for Safe Treats assistance
       Now that Halloween Safe Treats 2013 is over, we would like to extend our appreciation to everyone who helped make this year one of the best ever. We estimate more than 1,200 trick-or-treaters enjoyed the afternoon. We appreciate their adult companions and hope they return to patronize the shops and restaurants who gave so generously.
       More than $2,000 a year is spent to accomplish this event, but it takes numerous volunteers to carry it off. These consisted of at least 30 super-great kids from Coronado High School, 25 marvelous kids (with staff members) from Foundation for Successful Living and more than 30 others - family, friends and kind- hearted souls who love to see kids have a good time. We wish we could list them all, but there would be more than 110 names.
       Funding for Halloween Safe Treats comes from donors and sponsors. This comes in the way of money and donated prizes, such as cakes for the cake walk and stuffed animals and other gift items.
       There is an account at Northstar Bank under the name of Halloween Safe Treats, and contributions are welcome all year long. No volunteer is paid, and all proceeds are used for the event.
       We wanted to hug each and every one of the volunteers, donors, and sponsors. We tried but some got away. They could run faster.
       Thanks again for all the community love and participation.

Judy, Lori, and Vanessa
J.A.Kasten Accounting