Fast-food to replace restaurant demolished at Red Rock center

       A backhoe tore down a former free-standing restaurant in the Red Rock Canyon shopping center this week.

With water being sprayed to hold dust down, a Baldwin Demolition backhoe destroys the vacant restaurant building at the Red Rock Canyon Shopping Center this week.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The demolition reflects a new effort by owner JFRCo to “redevelop the entire center,” according to Margot Zaterman, a managing member of the company. “Our intent is to spruce up the site.”
       The 1,700-square-foot structure, most recently an Asian-food eatery, was built 18 years ago and would have required about $100,000 to renovate, Zaterman said. “It was in very, very bad shape.”
       The immediate plan for the cleared site - a few hundred feet from the separately owned KFC at 31st Street and Colorado Avenue - is construction of a new building pad to allow a fast-food, drive-through restaurant, she said. JFRCo (the business name for the Joseph Felix Realty Company in Denver) is not yet ready to announce which restaurant, she added.
       For a time it had been rumored that Walgreens - currently occupying space farther west in the roughly 6-acre center - was considering a new store in that spot. Zaterman confirmed that such talks had taken place, but that was all.
       She said the redevelopment will include additional “pad sites” at undetermined locations in the center, with improvements also occurring on all the existing buildings except the one that has the Bookman - and that building may be expanded. Details are still being worked out, she said, but added that the upgrades will take place in stages over a period of time.
       The plans are partly in response to the Red Rock center having “lost a lot of tenants” in the past couple of years, Zaterman said, and also to make it more appealing to Westside shoppers.
       The center has just over 65,000 square feet of building space.
       Robert Maez, whose UPS store is in the line of Red Rock storefronts behind the former restaurant, said he was glad to see the building come down after several months of being vacant. “It was becoming a magnet for people hanging out,” he said.

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