Concrete Couch project at West Elementary

       When West Elementary fifth-graders work with the Concrete Couch next week, they will be making something people can sit on.
       Not a concrete couch, but close. It will be a wooden bench.
       And not just any wooden bench. Typical of Concrete Couch - a nonprofit organization that looks to put artistic touches on functional objects - the product will have a customized style that was worked out with the school. According to West Principal Terry Martinez, the bench will have a zig-zag shape, 12 to 15 long.
       When it's built, the furniture will be installed in front of the school at 25 N. 20th St. “to help people at the end of the day when they're waiting for their kids to get out,” he said. “They can sit and talk to each other. I've always wanted to make it more inviting there.”
       The project will take shape after school in the coming week, with project days scheduled Feb. 4, 6 and 8 and the final completion Sunday, Feb. 10. Most of the work will occur in front of the school, Martinez said, with about 15 students involved, along with parents and invited staff or community members.
       A long-time local organization, Concrete Couch works with schools and various types of groups in the community, tailoring projects to reflect individual ideas and situations.
       The project is being funded by a District 11 Foundation grant that was written by West teachers. Concrete Couch will provide construction expertise along with wood and other materials, Martinez said.

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