EDITORíS DESK: Conflict and Westside subject matter

       Publicity, as every promoter knows, is a key element of an event's success or failure. As a rule, people who work in that realm are, if not pushy, at least politely persistent.
       Interestingly, I find myself wearing the "hat" of a publicist right now. It's another one of those odd crossovers that can arise when a person publishing a newspaper for a relatively small geographical area also lives and participates in that area and has done so for a long time.
       At one time, I felt awkward and conflicted when I'd find myself in situations like that. But the fact is, there's sometimes no way around it. Take the Intemann Trail, my publicity example. It's occupied my time for more than a quarter-century, and every now and then it pops up in the news.
       Speaking of which... As you may have noticed on Page 1 of this newspaper edition, a trailbuilding project on the Intemann is scheduled June 16. I really did mull a long while before deciding to put that story out there. Yes, I might accept personal conflict as inevitable, but this paper is set up as a Westside publication. So for the sake of consistency every story considered for publication - including any pet project of mine - needs to answer the question: Is it objectively justifiable as Westside subject matter?
       And I think it truly is. The Intemann stretches between Manitou and Section 16, is known to (or been worked on by) hundreds of Westsiders, and the June 16 project will start the work on the link to make it whole. But our news article left out the most poignant part - how a 30-year-old man named Paul Intemann, then the Manitou city planner, had the idea for the trail in 1986 before dying a short time later in a car crash, and how people who knew him formed a committee to build and care for that trail and to name it after him.
       So here that committee is today, seeking people to help us with that final link. If you want to do so, the contact info is in the story. Call today; you'll be glad you did. Thus writes the publicist.

- K.J.