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EDITORíS DESK: 2014 will keep the Westside on its toes

       We've devoted plenty of ink in recent weeks - including this, our final print edition - to discussing our individual situation and elaborating on our decision to turn the Westside Pioneer into an online publication. I hope you enjoy the columns by my wife Therese (over there on the right side of the page... Hello, dear!) and my older son Travers (Page 6). And we hope to see you online.
       But what I'd like to do in this space today is to get out from "behind the curtains" and start looking at the news that will be "on stage," so to speak, for all of us on the Westside in 2014. Because from what I've found, in gathering and organizing information for this issue's Stories of the Year article, our publication is far from the only entity looking at changes in 2014. In fact, from what I can tell, the coming year is going to be one active time for this part of town.
       Here are the apparent highlights, going in:
       - Early in the year, the start of construction on the new Fillmore/I-25 interchange, with work continuing into 2015.
       - A design being finalized for the Westside Avenue Action Plan - known affectionately (sort of) to most of us as No Man's Land. It's at the top of the list for construction when the new Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) funds become available in 2015.
       - Homing in on a strategy for Camp Creek flood control. If you haven't attended either of the first two meetings, it's starting to get interesting, with concepts above and below ground, and even combinations of the two.
       - Completion in May of the new $10 million veterans out-patient clinic on Fillmore Hill.
       - Openings for the new Holiday Inn Express where the welfare building used to be on North Spruce, and the expanded Garden of the Gods Gourmet in what was originally the Trolley Coach restaurant at Highway 24 and 26th Street.
       - The District 11 State Senate election in November 2014. Was the Morse recall a fluke or a political trend? Stay tuned (and check your ballots).
       - Planning (with public meetings) about bike lanes on West Uintah and traffic there in general.
       - And finally, defending state champion Coronado will have nearly 30 returning lettermen in football. Is it too early to talk repeat for 2014?!

- K.J.

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