Uintah project back on; completion seen in December

       The Uintah Street sidewalk project has started back up.

At the northeast corner of Uintah Street and Mesa Road, workers on the Uintah project build a storm drain inlet box to catch water coming down Mesa. According to Mike Chaves of City Engineering, the water was previously captured in a ditch that led into an open pipe.
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       Mike Chaves of City Engineering said this week that the project is now expected to continue through much of December. The original schedule had anticipated the work being done by mid-November; however, a right- of-way issue held the project up for a few weeks.
       The $375,000 project features a widening of the north side of Uintah between Mesa Road and Walnut Street, making room for a sidewalk and bike lane.
       Chaves also announced this week that the work will include bike-lane striping on the south side of Uintah between Mesa and Walnut. Further widening will not be needed for that purpose. Chaves explained that he had not announced this striping when the project started in June because until the north-side widening work was done it was not clear if there would be enough room to mark such a lane on the existing pavement.
       One improvement the current project will not make is the installation of sidewalk on the south side of Uintah, east of Mesa. Chaves said this missing section will go in as part of a follow-on project, possibly next year.
       The main focus of that future project will be the establishment of bike lanes along Uintah in both directions west of Mesa. Details are still being worked out, and a public meeting is to be held at an as-yet-undetermined time and place.
       The engineer also clarified the source of funds for the current project. The original city description had been that a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) would cover the entire contract. But in actuality those funds are paying for an amount not much over $300,000. The remainder will come from Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) funds, Chaves said. The announced contract award ($375,000 last June), is unchanged.
       The Uintah contractor is Blue Ridge Construction.

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