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What I did... and what I will still do!
Therese Jordan

       Where do I start? Maybe by first saying thank you to my parents who besides loving us with all their hearts, instilled in their children the value of hard work, loyalty and integrity.
       By saying thank you to my husband, who has helped me learn about the newspaper world (quite different from all the other jobs I've had!), keeping me focused and amused and always being there for me. And to our sons, who have helped me learn computer language (I was getting good at playing the solitaire card game), how to create ads (when it seemed to make more sense for me to do it instead of being a middleman), keeping my computer "healthy" and helping out with labeling, delivering and anything else that needed to be done!
       And thank you to all of our readers and advertisers who have been supporters of our newspaper all these years! And to those of you continuing with us online - huzzah!
       Like all the other adventures Kenyon and I've been on, including past days driving cross-country in our converted milk truck, this newspaper adventure has had its ups and downs. Mostly ups! I've met some very nice, hard-working, good-hearted people in my daily dealings. Always a pleasure to work with people on their ads no matter the size and very appreciative of those who understand economics!
       For those who wonder what I do here, my title is assistant publisher/ advertising director. I take care of the business side of the newspaper, including billing (occasional dunning!), paying bills, answering questions on advertising (including the Classifieds) and creating ads. For the print newspaper, I have kept track of the 350 subscribers and delivered the labeled issues to the bulk mailing station at Foun-tain and Academy every Thursday. The task of delivering the rest of our 5,000 newspapers to more than 80 outlets has been divided among Kenyon, Travers and myself (and Rioux during times when school was out). I've also had the pleasure of working with people on our columns - "Meet a Westsider," "What Do You Do?" and "Meet a Westside Pioneer" (which by the way, will still be offered online... let me know!) I even shoot an occasional photo for the news side!
       Looking ahead, after 10 years of meeting weekly deadlines, I'm hoping to have more free time - maybe try an art class and get back down to one vehicle!
       And now to our new adventure… online.

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