With councilman, ‘who needs enemies’?
       I enjoyed your articles about the District 1 City Council candidates in the March 14 Westside Pioneer.
       I see that Tim Leigh has changed his wording, but he's still the same “what's in it for me” councilmember. He now says he can save millions by routing Centennial down Van Buren.
       Van Buren is a street passing next to a school (Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning) and too narrow to handle the volume of traffic that is projected for the Centennial extension. Plus, Leigh's plan would dump the traffic into the quiet neighborhood of Mesa Springs, where the market value is not the same as his in Broadview Ranch.
       He (Leigh) was quoted in the Westside Pioneer of Feb. 23, 2012, that the extension isn't needed past Van Buren because his area will be “impacted” if it's built all the way through to Fontanero. I live in the Mesa Springs area and will be impacted no matter where it ends up.
       Our family has lived in the area for more than 50 years and have seen our quiet neighborhood impacted by too many “I want it but not in my neighborhood” people like Tim Leigh. With councilmembers like him looking out for themselves and not District 1, who needs enemies?

Ted Arment