22 units in Gold Hill Mesa Filing 2A

       Gold Hill Mesa is looking to create 22 more residential lots.
       A submittal to City Land Use Review requests approval of a final subdivision plat for 16 single-family and 6 townhome lots. Titled Filing 2A, the three-acre area is just west of existing homes in Filing 2, and is bounded by Merrimac Street, Portland Gold Drive, Autumn Bell Street and Gold Hill Mesa Drive.
       The partially built-out development covers a total of about 210 acres, north of Lower Gold Camp Road, east of 21st Street and south of Highway 24. Future plans call for about 800 homes in all (down from previous estimates of 1,000), with about 60 acres of commercial.

Looking northwest near the corner of Portland Gold Drive and Merrimac Street, with a townhome from a previous filing in right foreground, much of the currently unbuilt Filing 2A area can be seen. On the hill at left is 21st Street and in the background are homes from Filing 7.
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       The new submittal is part of a continual effort to make sure that the development does not run out of lots/homes available for purchase. “We have a few lots left in Filings 1A, 2 and 3,” said Barry Brinton, the site development manager. “We're trying to give a good balance for builders moving into 2013.”
       The development already has a head start on 2A, in that the curb and gutter and “wet” utilities (water, wastewater and storm pipes) were installed underground before the original Filing 2 was separated into three filings (2, 2A and 2B). So the main work that remains is installing the underground dry utilities (electricity, gas and telecom lines) and paving the streets and alleys, Brinton said.
       He also pointed out that the filing does not involve any increase in the anticipated number of townhomes (which have proven especially popular with buyers), as opposed to single-family. Such had proven to be an issue with some existing Gold Hill Mesa single-family residents on a filing a couple of years ago.
       Ryan Tefertiller of Land Use Review said the development “appears to conform completely with the approved development plan and concept plan for the area.” He and Brinton concurred that the filing will also trigger - in keeping with previous development plan conditions - Gold Hill Mesa to fund new signage and lane striping at the intersection of Moreno Avenue and Eighth Street.
       Because Filing 2A was defined in the development plan, it can be approved without going to Planning Commission. Questions from the public can go to Tefertiller at 385-5382.
       Overall, Brinton said that Gold Hill Mesa has about 155 households (that's how many closings there have been), with about 25 homes that are being built but haven't been sold yet and another 25 that are not yet purchased by builders. This kind of ratio is about right for the development and is also why the original Filing 2 was broken out into three filings, he explained. “The ownership group has to be very careful not to have too many lots in front of them in these economic times,” he said. “You could go broke if you get too far ahead of the curve, or you can get behind if you don't have enough product.”

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