‘Informative article’ on metal thieves
       Thanks very much for the informative article on the metal thieves' final disposition in the recent paper. Having worked in law enforcement for 25 years, many of those as an investigator, I know exactly the arduous and sometimes confusing maze of court documents that you had to unravel, interpret, and finally decipher in order to get the facts. Indiana Jones would be proud of you! It might as well have been a dreaded college research term paper, with considerably less time to get it finished.
       It's unfortunate, even ironic, that with all the requests for public assistance in reporting and helping prosecute metal thieves, that when they are finally caught and successfully prosecuted, they seem to get a slap on the wrist. Considering the immense damage they do to public utilities, commercial businesses, new construction, etc., as well as the replacement costs involved, one would think the courts would make a few examples of them with heavy fines, jail time and publicity.
       I've seen where some local Westside businesses have electrified dumpsters to keep roaming bears from dumpster-diving at night. Maybe we need to do the same with anything that metal thieves might abscond with as well.

Steve Bartley