4 years after fire, house demolition set

       A 110-year-old house at 1726 W. Colorado Ave., which was ruined by fire over four years ago, is about to face the wrecking ball.
       According to Steve Bodette of City Engineering, the city has contracted for $27,780 with Environment Abatement Southwest to tear down the 1,184-square-foot house, with that work expected to start this week.
       The city gave a demolition go-ahead after the recent completion of interior asbestos abatement/testing, Bodette explained.
       His understanding is that most of the off-loading of building debris will occur in the alley behind the house. Any impacts to Colorado Avenue motorists will be minimized as much as possible, he said.
       The fire occurred Dec. 7, 2008, leaving a massive hole in the roof and other damage that is visible from the avenue. The house is on a 3,708-square-foot property. The Fire Department declared it a “total loss” after the fire, setting the damage amount at $140,000. It has not been legally occupied since then.
       In October 2010, the Regional Building Department declared the house a “dangerous building” - a designation that obliges the city to move forward with demolition.
       Asked this week about the amount of time that has passed since then, Bodette said “it tends to take a while to put the proper paperwork in place.”
       In previous interviews, Bodette has described attempts to work with the owner on possibly repairing the building (which had been a rental property), but to no avail.
       Under city regulations, the property owner is charged if the city demolishes a dangerous building.
       A 2005 project by the Old Colorado City History Center and Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) rated the historic value of about 3,600 Westside properties. At that time, the 1726 house was listed as “somewhat contributing,” which was second to “contributing” out of the four possible ratings.

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