Indian Center moves to BAC in Manitou Springs

       Formerly sharing space with White Bison's Wellbriety Training Institute at Trinity United Methodist Church on the Westside, the Colorado Springs Indian Center is now renting space in Manitou Springs at the Business of Arts Center in Venue 515, Room 230.
       Lynda Rogerson, secretary of the Colorado Springs Indian Center Board of Directors, provided the following statement:
       “We continue to value our relationship with Trinity United Methodist Church. The generosity of White Bison Inc. and Trinity United Methodist Church allowed us the freedom to design a focus for the Indian Center, develop a direction and to experiment with what we wanted to be as an organization. We became an independent non-profit organization in the State of Colorado on July 2, 2012. So we are now in fundraising mode!
       “April 27th is the special fundraising event at 513 Manitou Ave from 1 to 4 p.m.: An Afternoon of Native American Culture and Silent Auction.”
       For more information, call 599-8630 or go to

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