Time runs out for community garden on 28th Street

       For four years, a community garden thrived in what had been an empty lot at 2825 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       This year it's back to an empty lot.
       Nothing mysterious was involved. According to Larry Stebbins, head of Pikes Peak Urban Gardens (PPUG), which had organized the garden in 2009, the agreement with the property owners had been for five years and, as agreed, they plan to build on it in 2014.
       This year would have been the last year under the agreement. However, realizing that, “some decided not to garden there” this year,” Stebbins said.
       The Lucas family, which owns the 6,240-square-foot lot, “promised the community five years and they kept their word,” he added. “I'm sorry to see it go.”
       The garden had operated like others that PPUG has started on the Westside at Vermijo Park and the Westside Community Center, by leasing out small plots for the year to individuals to cover the cost of providing water.

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