Wet weather brings Cemetery Crawl to a stop

       Scheduled last Saturday, Sept. 14, what would have been the 16th annual Cemetery Crawl by the Old Colorado City Historical Society (OCCHS) became a victim of the Summer 2013 rains.
       The event will not be rescheduled, according to OCCHS President Sharon Swint. That decision followed a great deal of consideration, she added, because the Crawl serves as a fundraiser for the all-volunteer society.
       OCCHS leaders were swayed by weather uncertainties in the coming weeks and concerned about wearing out volunteers - roughly 50 of whom had adjusted their schedules to help prepare for the Sept. 14 date, Swint said.
       There was no downpour on that day, but conditions at Fairview Cemetery were unacceptable because of mud from previous rain days; also, both restrooms were broken, according to Suzanne Schorsch, the OCCHS treasurer.
       The annual event features people dressed in historic attire, who set up at the gravestones of several individuals buried at Fairvew and provide first-hand accounts of their lives to groups who are led from one such grave to another.
       At first, the OCCHS announced that Sept. 14 was a postponement, then decided on a full cancellation.
       If we had tried to substitute another event or rescheduled the Cemetery Crawl, I would be asking them [society volunteers] to make more sacrifices, Swint said. I am so thankful for their efforts and want to continue to have a good response when volunteers are needed in the future - thus the cancellation.
       By refunding the ticket holders' money, we will be an honest broker and hopefully, keep the good will of the public for other events.
       Anyone with questions is asked to e-mail the OCCHS at info@occhs.org.

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