Easement issue stalls Uintah work

       The Uintah Street project has been inactive for the past two weeks because the city needs to finalize a right of way easement, according to city civil engineer Mike Chaves.
       The easement is needed at the northeast corner of Uintah and Mesa Road, he said. He predicted there will be only a little bit of a delay.
       The overall project is between Walnut Street and Mesa, where $375,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds are being used to make room for a sidewalk and bike lanes on the north side of Uintah.
       During the stoppage, Uintah traffic has remained open to both lanes each way.
       Chaves added that because the contractor, Blue Ridge Construction, also has the Fillmore/Chestnut project contract under the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority, it has been able to temporarily reassign its Uintah workers to that job.
       The easement is not the result of a conflict - Chaves said the matter was being negotiated when the project went to bid last summer, but an unexpected change in lenders slowed down the ownership group's finalization of the deal.
       Work on the project began in early August, with an expected completion time of 90 days.

Westside Pioneer/press release