UN initiated ‘environmental scam’
       In reading your Editor's Desk column and the article, “Pain or Gain?” (Feb. 28 Westside Pioneer), it brings me back to my efforts over the last couple of years to inform council members and commissioners what's behind the “green” energy efforts in El Paso County and the city. I was treated with polite replies and brushed off. They all seem to believe and follow the advice of the following entitiles: the Catamount Institute, Office of Colorado Springs Environmental Sus-tainability and Pikes Peak Area Council of Govern-ments (PPACG).
       PPACG has a pdf of its plan and an addendum that is frightening.
       Whether the term is sustainability, ICLEI (Interna-tional Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) or sustainable development, all are based on and in most cases tied to the United Nations Agenda 21 and the international environmental conferences we have read about in the news over the last few decades. It appears our local governments are continuing blindly down the path of this environmental scam. The way the agenda is presented is very deceptive and dangerous. One article on the movement that covers the subject very well is “Agenda 21: Conspiracy Theory or Threat” [found online by entering this title in the search box].
       Congress has so far refused to sign off on the Agenda 21 treaty because of the conflicts with our Constitutional rights and national sovereignty. However, the EPA and several other government agencies have been instituting some provisions of Agenda 21 via their rules and regulations, bypassing Congress - my oh my, does that sound familiar? If the feds can't just slap us in the face all at once with it, just slip it in through the back door, one piece at a time.

Robert LaLanne