Former Whittier playground pieces go to Monroe

       Several playground pieces were removed early this month, shortly after Mountain Song Community School began leasing the former Whittier school site at 2904 W. Kiowa St. from District 11.
       The equipment had been bought with bond issue funds, discretionary to the school, in 2007 when Whittier was still there, according to D-11 information reported at that time in the Westside Pioneer.
       In an interview this week, Donna Hines of District 11 said the pieces have been installed at Monroe Ele-mentary, where they “replaced some outdated equipment.”
       The principal at Monroe is Marlys Berg, who was the Whittier principal in 2007.
       Whittier closed in 2009. The equipment remained in the sandy area in front of the school for the past four years when the Bijou School (grades 9-12) was situated there.
       Bijou's last year there ended in late May.
       Neah Douglas, director of Mountain Song, said she had asked D-11 officials if the equipment could stay, but was told no.
       She said she is pleased that not all of the equipment is gone; she also hopes, as her school's budget allows in years to come, to add new equipment of a style that will allow “a more natural playscape.”
       The removal was a disappointment to the neighborhood around the school, according to Cal Taylor, a resident. The neighborhood children used the equipment “year-round,” he said. When the district started taking items away in early July, “the kids were there till evening, playing on the last pieces that were left,” Taylor said.

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