EDITOR’S DESK: Get your snarky right here

       “Snarky” is one of my favorite new words. Apparently, it's British slang that made its way across the water. It can mean “testy or irritable,” but it can also mean “rudely sarcastic or disrespectful,” which is a definition I can get behind.
       Today, short on sleep, I'm ready to be snarky about practically any topic that comes across my desk.
       The recall - Even after hordes of people claimed to have been left out of the process - including the El Paso County sheriff - John Morse kept calling those new laws "common sense" gun legislation. He was still calling them that after a majority of his district's voters threw him out of office Sept. 10. As the swordsman says in "Princess Bride," "I do not think it means what you think it means."
       Long-distance hiker - We have the fastest person ever to hike the 2,181-mile Appalachian Trail coming to the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center Sept. 21. Nothing against the center and I am sure that Jennifer Pharr Davis of Asheville, North Carolina, is in wonderful physical condition, but isn't the purpose of a hiking trail to slow down and enjoy nature?
       Mobile Command Post - That was thoughtful of the Sheriff's Office to bring its big rig to Old Colorado City for a few days and the law enforcement presence definitely doesn't hurt in regard to transient problems, but I'm a little tired of hearing (again) from law enforcement officials that they "don't want to give out tickets." Excuse me, but this is not like driving five mph over the speed limit, where a warning is in order. We are dealing here with self-centered peanut brains who have no respect for private property, beauty, history, cleanliness or anyone or thing except their own minute-to-minute gratification. By all means, ticket them, and do it in public where all of us can watch.
       OK, I'm pretty much snarked out by this point. Nothing left to do except point out some good stuff on the Westside. There's Westside CARES, stepping up its efforts to help people who in most cases really are trying; there's the fourth annual Rock Ledge Ranch Powwow, reminding us of American Indian glory; there's the Rocky Mountain Field Institute, fixing the over-loved Garden of the Gods; and there's the Eagles club, fighting cancer. I believe all of those mean what we think they mean.

- K.J.