Notable times for Cleopatra

       An informational moment at Holmes Middle School seventh-graders’ annual “Night of the Notables” April 8: TOP: Cameron Kiepke, portraying Cleopatra, has just revealed to Tammy Lenz that at age 18 the Egyptian queen married her 11-year-old brother and later drowned him. For the class project, the students were assigned to research a historical figure, prepare a display board, then dress up to resemble the person and prepare to answer such questions as “What is your legacy?” or “What obstacles did you overcome in your lifetime?” BELOW: Additional “Night of the Notables” photos from Holmes Middle School’s annual seventh-grade project event the evening of April 9... MIDDLE: Deanne Cooper (as Marie Antoinette) and Kali Hagiwara (as Queen Elizabeth). BOTTOM: Aries Krout (as Attila the Hun). Overall, close to 100 characters and displays were on view for the public to check out.

Westside Pioneer photo