Centennial extension project to remain dormant for now

       Although money for continuing the Centennial Boulevard extension project south of Fillmore Street was in last November's Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) approval, no work is anticipated there anytime soon.

The current gap can be seen in the paved portion of the Centennial extension between Fillmore and Mesa Valley Road. The segment from Mesa Valley to Van Buren can be seen in the background. The plan, as agreed to by the city and MVS developers, is for them to fill in this gap at an unspecified future date.
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       A key part of the four-lane road extension effort is the MVS group's future 47-acre residential project that partly straddles the Centennial route. MVS developer Ted Waterman said this week that the group is still working out formal details with the city to allow the first part of the project to get going: restoration of a long-closed, 18-acre landfill, half of which will be turned into private open space. MVS already has obtained a Voluntary Cleanup Plan (VCUP) permit from the state that's also needed for the landfill work.
       In the meantime, Waterman said MVS has no plans yet to build a 500-foot link that's the only missing piece in the extension pavement that's been laid in so far between Fillmore and Van Buren Street. Leading up to City Council's 2010 approval of a rezoning allowing up to 411 homes on the 47 acres, MVS and city staff had worked out a complicated plan that called on MVS to build the link (which is north of its property) while the RTA would take on the main part of the extension segment from Van Buren to the Fontanero interchange.
       No formal timetable was attached to that agreement. In any case, the RTA funds, totalling $10.45 million, will not become available until the new 10-year cycle for capital projects starting in 2015.

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