El Dorado closes after 33 years in Old Town

       The El Dorado Gallery, which had operated in Old Colorado City for 33 years, closed its doors at the end of April.
       Donna Pylypczuk, an gallery artist for nearly all that time, said that owner Ken Emery “decided to retire,” with arthritis making it difficult to do the framing work he specialized in.
       Although the gallery's prices were geared more for “middle class” people, the business “never did recover after 9/11,” Pylypczuk added (referring to the Islamic terrorist attacks on America in 2001). “I think people basically changed their way of buying.”
       Emery had started El Dorado with artist Shirley Mitton. They ran it until she passed away in 2007.
       The gallery's first 22 years were at the northwest corner of Colorado Avenue and 25th Street, and most recently it was at 2627 W. Colorado Ave. El Dorado sold a range of art items, including paintings, pottery, sculptures, stained glass and rock art. The gallery was also known for its annual juried show of art miniatures.
       Pylypczuk said the store received a number of kindly comments from artists and others who had heard about the closure. “People have been so sweet,” she said. “We've gotten cards and letters from the miniature artists, thanking us for all those years, and people have come in to take our pictures.”

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