Fillmore: Night lane reductions

       Work started this week to temporarily realign the traffic lanes on Fillmore Street between Parker Street and Straus Lane.
       Drivers will still have two lanes each way in the daytime, but - because of night work - only one lane each way from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m., according to Sharilyn Kimberlain of Blue Ridge Construction.
       The temporary change is part of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) project that involves improvements to Fillmore and the relocation of Chestnut Street away from the freeway interchange.
       The initial work this week was a temporary restriping that moved the two eastbound lanes to the north, clearing the normal eastbound right lane for construction, Kimberlain said. The left-hand eastbound lane is using the center lane. No left turns are allowed onto Straus.
       “This will be a permanent alignment of the roadway through May, when work on that side of the road is complete,” she said.
       After that, an opposite realignment will occur, with temporary striping moving the eastbound lanes back to normal and the westbound lanes to the south.
       Access to businesses and residents will remain open, Kimberlain said.
       The overall RTA project is expected to continue until October.

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