Planting help requested when city brings 20 trees to Westside Community Center Oct. 12

       More than three years ago, the city approved a development plan for its Westside Community Center property at 1628 W. Bijou St. The plan called for landscaping, parking, interior sidewalks, bike racks and other improvements - although a City Parks official cautioned at a January 2010 public meeting that his department would have to delay the actual work because of tight funds.
       That delay is about to end - at least for the landscaping part.
       City Parks crews plan to bring about 20 trees to the center Saturday, Oct. 12. They will plant them, “per the approved plan, with the majority of the trees going along the perimeter of the property on the west, north and east sides with some also being planted near the big playground,” said Kim King of City Parks. An underground irrigation is planned, but “will not be fully installed until the spring,” she added. “In the meantime, the newly planted trees will be added to our water truck list, so they will be hand-watered through the winter.”
       The tentative time is 9 a.m. to noon., although Community Center Director Dick Siever said that could change because details for the Oct. 12 workday are still being finalized.
       Volunteers are welcome. According to Siever, the city has asked if he can provide about 20 volunteers. “I'm going to put up a sign on the side of the center, inviting people to come,” he said this week.
       For more information, call the center at 385-7920 x100.
       Originally built as the Buena Vista Elementary School, the Westside Community Center property takes up the full block bordered by these streets: Bijou, 17th, Platte and 16th. The city was basically given the property in 2009 when School District 11 closed three Westside elementaries, moved Buena Vista to the former Washington school site and took over space in West Middle School that the city had been using for a Community Center.
       An action arm of the Woodmen Valley Chapel took over management of the center in May 2010; otherwise, the city had planned to close it for financial reasons.

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