Wine bar is Upstairs from bakery

       During the first 28 years that the La Baguette restaurant/bakery operated on the main floor at 2417 W. Colorado Ave., the upstairs was used only for storage.

Looking toward the windows over Colorado Avenue, part of the Upstairs wine bar interior is seen with holiday decorations. La Baguette's owners opened it above the long-time bakery.
Westside Pioneer photo

       “There was a quarter-inch of dust on everything,” said Tony Rog, who has owned La Baguette since 2007. But he liked the historic feel of the century-old brick walls and the large windows looking out on the street below. “It was a beautiful room being used as a warehouse.”
       About a year ago, he and his wife Ewa (pronounced “eva”) got the idea of turning it into a European-style place - a quiet sort of locale where people could get together without TVs on the walls and “sit with a bottle of wine,” as Tony explained it.
       After extensive remodeling, the business opened a few months ago as the Upstairs wine bar.
       The business is open evenings Thursday through Saturday. The entrance from the street, leading up a flight of stairs, is just to the left of the La Baguette space.
       With seating for 40 people in a 600-square-foot space, the Upstairs interior makes use of the exposed brick walls, new double-paned wood windows (in the style of the originals) and hardwood floors, along with artistic touches in the new fireplace, metal latticework near the stairs and various paintings.
       The menu includes a range of wine types, as well as different types of food (though not full meals). The food is prepared on site, with La Baguette-made bread among the offerings.
       The Upstairs phone is the same as La Baguette's: 577-4818.

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