Tale of two signals
Pedestrian light by Goodwill to remain for now

       The pedestrian stoplight in the middle of West Colorado Avenue's 2300 block “is not going away for a while,” according to City Transportation Manager Kathleen Krager.
       She pointed out that the future of the Goodwill property on the south side of that block “is still up in the air,” and in the meantime the button on the signal gets pushed an average of 25 times a day.
       “Let's see what happens permanently with that site or if the button calls go down drastically,” she said. “At 25, it's one of the better used pedestrian signals in the city.”
       When Goodwill announced plans to relocate all its work activities from the 2300 block over a year ago, Krager considered removing the Goodwill light. However, after Kum & Go gave up on the south-side 2300-block property in August, Goodwill officials said they are reevaluating what they want to do there.
       In an e-mail exchange, Krager also spoke to why she believes it is better to leave the Goodwill pedestrian light while removing its counterpart at Colbrunn Court, which (she has previously said) gets four times as many button pushes.
       “The light at Colbrunn serves mainly shoppers who can easily stroll to 24th or 25th to cross,” she wrote. “ It does have some traffic impact on Colorado. The Goodwill light has traditionally served a high percentage of disabled, [for whom] walking to the next signal may not be easy. It also has served people at work, who are in more of a hurry to cross the street, and more likely to jay-walk. If the new use of that property does not have the same type and level of activity that Goodwill has had I will remove it. If it appears that the property is not going to redevelop for a very long time, I may also choose to remove it. I just didn't want to make a quick decision, then have Goodwill or a similar user stay and need the signal put back in.”

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