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Meet a Westside Pioneer!
Tena Logan

What kind of career have you had?
I have been a waitress and a legal secretary, and for the last 22 years a teacher. I have taught third, fourth and fifth grades. At present, I am teaching sixth-grade math and science at West Middle School.

Tena Logan

Tena Logan in 1978
Marriage/ Children?

I am married to Lenny Logan, whose family is also associated with the Westside. I have one son. He and his wife have two adorable daughters, who are my pride and joy.

On the day of her graduation from Coronado High in 1978, Tena Logan poses with her parents, Mona and Ronald Krewson.
Courtesy of Tena Logan and Mona Krewson
Any of your family members still here?

My son Austin and his family live in Colorado Springs, and my mother Mona lives in Canon City.

Can you tell us about your grandparents/parents?
My parents met while attending Central Christian Church. My father was the late Ronald Krewson. My mother’s maiden last name was Miller. Unfortunately, my grandparents have both passed away. They were Naomi and Elbert “Shorty” Miller, who moved here in 1956. They owned the Dream Valley Motel, which was located on Colorado Avenue where 31st Street used to dead-end (between the present-day Taco Bell and KFC/A&W). They were also part owners of the Mobil gas station in front of the motel. The other owners were Imogene and Carl Beard. Eventually, my parents moved to Holland Park. They retired in 1986.

What are your best memories of growing up on the Westside?
My best memories were in the Garden of the Gods – horseback riding, watching the Indians dancing and hiking with my friends. I also enjoyed the early Territory Days. You didn’t have as many vendors, and there was a cowchip-tossing contest (I watched). The Fire Department opened a fire hydrant and would shoot the water up in an arch and kids could run through the spray. Barbecued buffalo burgers were sold and served in Bancroft Park. It was the first time I ever had a buffalo burger.

The Dream Valley Motel, as it looked about half a century ago, before 31st Street was extended between Colorado Avenue and Highway 24.
Courtesy of Tena Logan and Mona Krewson

Gardening, spending time with family and water sports.

What is gone from the Westside now that you wish had stayed?
I wish that Howards Pit Bar-B-Q was still on the Westside.

What has stayed that you wish had gone? It is a double-edged sword. The traffic on the Westside can be an issue, but I realize it is good for the businesses.

How about the way things have changed? I am teaching at West Middle School in the same classroom I had when I was in the ninth grade. However, there have been some changes to the school to accommodate West Elemen-tary, which was created in 2009 after Whittier and Washington were closed and Buena Vista became all Montessori. I love working with the elementary students, and I am glad that we share what we call the West Campus. However, I am sad those elementary schools closed. My hope is that the remaining Westside schools are allowed to stay open for many more years.

Tena (left) and her sister Teri visit Balanced Rock with their grandfather, Elbert (Shorty) Miller.
Courtesy of Tena Logan and Mona Krewson
Overall, is the Westside better or worse than when you were a kid here?

I believe the Westside is just as good as it was when I was growing up here. I love the way Old Colorado City has blossomed with unique new shops. I also enjoy the food at the various restaurants/eateries.

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