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January 17th, 2013                Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                Volume 10, Number 3

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Equestrian building in race for completion

City to replace theft-ruined Hwy 24 streetlights

Bijou School’s founder dreads impact if D-11 relocation plan happens

Unknown to many: Bocks were the tamers of Red Rock Canyon

EDITOR'S DESK: Red Rock and the Bocks

What do you do? Sheila Hartle

COBWEB CORNERS: Hamburger in a house with history

GUEST COLUMN: Need community solution by Mike Crepeau

Westside Briefs: New Horizons jazz recital Jan. 25

Red Rock Canyon master plan approved; lead project will reroute first half-mile from Sec. 16 Trailhead, eliminate steps

Biz Buzz: Solo show at the MAT Jan. 24-27

Brandy Williams announces for District 3 seat

Fire preparedness stressed at city-wide meeting

Westside schools: Store donation aids Jackson art

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