EDITORíS DESK: The latest award

       Dave Hughes has received plenty of awards, so I'm sure he won't mind if I cast a slightly cynical eye on this shiny, new Inspirational Leader award that the Mayor's Office has created, apparently just for him. Hard to believe that six weeks ago the retired Army colonel was ripping into the city administration over the Farmers Market relocation, threatening to lead an Old Colorado City deannexation effort and, as he put it, "go to war again against my own city." (See the e-mail excerpt in our news article this issue to more fully experience Hughes' rage.) In any case, the city ignored his arguments (the market move went forward, unchanged), but out of nowhere and as a total coincidence - or so we're apparently supposed to think - Mayor Steve Bach's people decided that the Spirit of the Springs awards that he's been handing out right and left are really just the first of a "series" and now just happens to be the time to start recognizing Inspirational Leaders. Don't get me wrong. As a news guy, I'll be at the presentation, camera in one hand, notepad in the other, breathlessly recording the moment. But here's a thought: Instead of an award, wouldn't a truer proof of Mayor Bach's presumed admiration for Dave Hughes be his taking a break from at least one photo opportunity to sit down with the man and just talk a while? Well, listen is more likely, as most people will agree who have spent much time with Dave. But the point is, the mayor could actually learn from the experience, recognize that Dave's e-mail ravings about the Farmers Market move in particular (and over-regulating business in general) are based on sound economic principles, which he has put to productive use many times in the past. Because the reality is that Old Colorado City was in a sorry state in the mid-1970s, with aging public amenities and half its storefronts closed. Several merchants sought to get something started, had the good sense to offer Dave a job and the rest is history. Saved history.
       So yes, it's possible the mayor could still do all I've described here. We're rooting for you, sir. But wait - I'm being too kind. Need to be more strident and accusatory. Maybe then I could get an award, too.

- K.J.