Recall first local election allowing voter registration on Election Day

       The recall election will be the first locally using a new law, passed by the Statehouse's Democrat majority last session, that allows potential voters to register on the same day as the election.
       According to Ryan Parsell of the County Clerk's Office, the same identification requirements as before are in place, but there is a concern that fraud will be harder to catch. The old law allowed 29 days between registration cutoff and the election. This time window made it easier to prevent fraud, he said.
       As an example, he mentioned someone who is alleged to have registered five times in a previous election, using different birth days and social security numbers. “The only reason we caught him was that he put in an address that didn't exist,” Parsell said.
       With the new law, such fraud would likely not be discovered until afterward, and although the perpetrator could go to jail, there would be no way for the illegal votes not to count, he pointed out. “That's one of the reasons we weren't a huge fan of this house bill,” Parsell said.
       Another concern has been the law allowing people to show up on election day with no identification, register based on information they give the election judges and then vote. To avoid disenfranchising homeless people, a street address is not even required - a person could list Bancroft Park as an address, for example. However, Parsell said that ballots cast by no-identification registrants will be considered “provisional,” and only be counted once those voters' eligibility has been confirmed.

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