The anti-Kum & Go petition
       To my Westside neighbors, friends, and allies…
       By now, due to diligent reporting by the Westside Pioneer, you are well aware of the proposed sale of Goodwill to Kum & Go.
       But the opposition is strong and growing. It doesn't matter if you “paint a mural” on the side of it, the money that people spend there will still go back to Iowa. There will still be 10 gas pumps and 24-hour bright LED lights.
       We have a new idea, a “Maker Space” that has some interested entrepreneurials and energy behind it. It would keep our money local, and provide an amazing space for the community for generations to come. Other ideas are out there. Let's really tap them.
       Goodwill says they've “done all they can,” but did they aggressively market their property? Did they have a large banner on the side of their building saying “Commercial Property for Sale” so that everyone driving on Colorado Ave. could see it?
       Kum & Go says they have “really expensive software” that told them the 2300 block of OCC was a good location, but did they bother to check with us first?
       I encourage you to sign the petition against this sale, and to join with us in the search for something better. I understand people are afraid of vacant buildings, but serious long-term decisions should not be based on fear, they should be based on possibility.
       Go to petition.nokumandgo.org. It's easy and will take about 30 seconds of your time. Then share it with your friends. After you sign it, you will be kept informed of any future meetings and activities. We're also at facebook.com/ NoKumandGo.
       Thank you for your concern, your consideration and your love for the Westside.

Sue Spengler