12 again on All-State Choir from Coronado

       For the second year in a row, 12 students from Coronado High School are All-State Choir selections.

Coronado's All-State Choir selectees... (From left) BACK ROW: Katherine Kendall, Hannah Chabica, Madeleine Spanton, Miles Christian, Carly Manthei, Anthony Shields and Arthur McEvoy. FRONT ROW: Tessa Konik, Rebecca Kendall, Alyssa Ceballos, Corbin George and Anjela Peterson.
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       Two of them are repeaters - seniors Hannah Chabica and Corbin George.
       Chosen from live auditions, the All-Staters are assigned to one of three choir groups (Men's, Women's or Mixed). Each has up to 150 in it.
       Only juniors and seniors may audition.
       The groups' performances will be Feb. 9 at the Wells Fargo Theater in the Denver Convention Center.
       Other than Coronado, only four other vocalists in District 11 were selected for All-State. Unlike at some schools, Coronado choir leader Jeff Hodur makes auditions mandatory for students in his upper two choirs.
       Here are brief capsules on the Coronado selectees:
  • Chabica (Women's/ soprano) - Senior. Choir-singing since kindergarten. Also plays saxophone and clarinet. Still considering future musical plans, “but I know it will be forever.”
  • George (Mixed/tenor) - Senior. In choirs since elementary school. Also plays piano and guitar. Wants to major in performing arts and music education.
  • Alyssa Ceballos (Wo-men's/soprano) - Senior. Singing “my entire life.” Also plays piano, saxophone and flute. Aims to become a music teacher.
  • Miles Christian (Men's/ tenor) - Junior. First grade marked his choir start. Also plays piano and ocarina. Looking at major in music or music theater.
  • Katherine Kendall (Mixed/soprano) - Senior. First choir experience in elementary school. Also plays piano and guitar. Plans to be in choir in college.
  • Rebecca Kendall (Women's/alto) - Junior. Choir in elementary school. Also plays violin. Hopes to major in music in college and teach vocal or instrumental music.
  • Tessa Konik (Women's/ soprano) - Junior. Was in Colorado Springs Children's Chorale at age 7. Also plays piano. Considering musical minor in college.
  • Carly Manthei (Wo-men's/ alto) - Senior. Before this year, only choir experience was in eighth grade. Also plays violin. Could minor in music.
  • Arthur McEvoy (Men's/ bass) - Junior. Started in first grade and was later in Children's Chorale. Also plays trumpet. Expects to major in vocal music.
  • Anjela Peterson (Women's/alto) - Senior. In choirs since sixth grade. Also plays piano. Plans some music involvement in college.
  • Anthony Shields (Men's/tenor) - Senior. Choir since eighth grade. No career plans (his focus is on physics), but may continue in “community” way.
  • Madeleine Spanton (Women's/alto) - Senior. In choirs since kindergarten. Has goal to get into musical theater in college.

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