Gridders go from zeroes to heroes

       Coronado High School's rise to state football prominence has been nothing short of meteoric.
       Most of this year's juniors and seniors were at Coronado when it was winless in 2011. And the seniors just missed the 2009 season when the same thing happened.
       This is the fourth year in which the football team has been coached by Bobby Lizarraga, who had previously been an assistant. Since coming to Coronado in 1999, he has also been with the baseball program as head or assistant coach.
       When asked about the team's success this year, Lizarraga credits it to talented athletes, plus team spirit, an indefinable “it factor” and “bottom line, hard work.”
       Here are the stats showing the Cougars' won-loss records over the past five years:
       2009 - 0-10
       2010 - 2-8
       2011 - 0-10
       2012 - 5-5
       2013 - 12-1.

Westside Pioneer article; statistical research by Coronado Assistant Principal Darin Smith