EDITOR’S DESK: Out on a limb in District 3

       Advertising is always tough for a newspaper, even moreso in this so-called “Great Recession,” when small businesses - the ones we count on - are being hammered like never before. I know some newspapers' solution: Do what your advertisers want, or at least don't offend them.
       Here's my response to that: While I long to be a "team player," I do not believe in producing a publication that people count on for facts about the Westside only to shortchange them at strategic times just for the sake of a few greenback dollars. And yes, I make this statement knowing that - whether rightly or wrongly - I have indeed cost this newspaper some dinero over the years because of sticking to my guns (oh, sorry, former advertiser, did that last figure of speech strike a nerve?)
       Anyway, all this is a preamble to another certain disaster of a column, in which I share my thoughts on the candidates for City Council District 3. Well, let's limit it to my (mostly) positive thoughts. I wish that Keith King and Jim Bensberg were not running against each other. Both are thoughtful, level-headed, community-spirited, old-school types who oppose intrusive government and whose geniality does not mean softness. It's too bad both men can't be elected to this train wreck of a current City Council, whose members can't get along with the mayor, let alone each other, and sometimes look on public input as a nuisance.
       Now, to put myself even farther out on a limb, I think we're particularly fortunate to have King as a candidate. His resume gleams with accomplishment and service. He's been a teacher, an entrepreneur (started a successful waterbed chain), has represented portions of the Westside as a state representative and senator and, perhaps most impressive, founded the Early Colleges high school which seeks out low-income kids for the chance of earning boatloads of college credits (even a four-year degree in one case) before finishing 12th grade.
       This city (Westside included) faces numerous issues. We need someone who won't just "ask the hard questions" (guess who), but will dig up some genuine answers.

- K.J.