EDITORíS DESK: A reality show worth watching

       I have found an interesting reality show on TV that I'd like to share with you all.
       It's a drama on the SpringsTV network, titled "Colorado Springs City Council Meeting."
       Now, I realize this program has been on the air for a while - maybe even slipping in the ratings in recent times - but in case you missed the season premiere April 23, I think the new cast has got some real chemistry. For one thing, six of the nine councilmembers are brand-new, so there's a fresh feeling all around. It also seems more balanced than before. Instead of a sense of inevitability on controversial subjects, decisions hang on a razor's edge, ready to swing either way.
       Adding to the drama, the holdovers from last season (Jan Martin and Val Snider), along with one newcomer (Jill Gaebler), obviously don't like the way things have changed. They even got a little nasty in the portion of the April 23 show that I watched (which was unofficially subtitled "The Young, the Restless and the Solar Subsidy").
       For Martin and Snider, who had come across as sunny and calm under previous council president/main character Scott Hente, such behavioral changes might be called "character development" (if the show were actually scripted). Martin said she was "frustrated" that the new council should deign to think it had the knowledge to change what her old council had done (even though its plan made the subsidy pricier than it needed to be). Snider used the word "unconscionable" (although his council had suspended the rules in hopes of keeping the new council from changing what they'd voted on). The word of the day for Gaebler was "capricious" (she used it twice, even though she admitted the Utilities recommendations spurned by the old council seemed pretty compelling). And chiming in with "unethical" was solar magnate David Amster, clearly upset about losing a sweetheart deal he'd helped negotiate.
       Finally, you can't beat the vote: 5-4, with an unexpected vote swing from Merv Bennett. Talk about drama. Oh, it didn't go your way? Then tune in next time!

- K.J.