Supports Kum & Go in OCC
       I am fully supportive, for several substantial reasons, of the Kum & Go plans to buy and develop the Goodwill property on the south side of the 2300 block of West Colorado Avenue. First of all that land has been owned and used by Goodwill, for nearly 50 years. Now Goodwill, which provides invaluable social services needs to move to more modern quarters closer to where the city's population center is.
       But secondly all I see in the rabid protests (that remind me of the California '60s anti-war protesting) is a blatant refusal to accept needed progresss.
       Not only is Kum & Go willing - as it has everywhere else it has put a store - to accept neighbor-citizen recommendations for design modifications to make it fit in better with the existing neighborhood - it showed by what it has done elsewhere, such as in historic Idaho Springs, how it will adapt. It could become a visitor, pedestrian and automobile attraction for the area in itself, as well as for the 100 businesses between 24th and 28th streets and the scores of small businesses east of 23rd.
       Force the Goodwill building to stay empty and you are asking for a repeat of the gradual Westside “slum and blight” decline of the 1960s. There is no free lunch. It took federal money to spark the changes then. Now while the federal government is broke, a highly successful private business, which listens to suggestions, is willing to transform two useless, large and to-be- abandoned buildings and space into productive and attractive use, putting its own money where its mouth is. And supporting worthy Goodwill Industries. I support them both, unreservedly.

Dave Hughes