What to expect with online Pioneer

By Travers Jordan

       Wow, so here it is, the last print issue. But not the last of the Westside Pioneer! (I find myself telling folks that a lot recently.) Many of you probably know me... I'm your Friendly Neighborhood Techno (and through Dec. 19) Delivery Guy.
       Other big questions I'm hearing are about the website itself. What'll it look like? How will it work? How do I find it?
       The last one is easy. It's westsidepioneer.com. If you've never been there, we've had it since (nearly) the beginning. The entire print archives are (and will continue to be) available. They're sorted by issue and subject and are searchable by keywords.
       The biggest changes are coming to our main webpage, which will feature a cascading list of recent stories, clickable for your convenience. Some papers have an “online edition” that is simply a PDF duplicate of their print edition. We're not doing that. The goal is readability and ease of use. No more page-flipping to find the rest of a story!
       The new article style won't be radically different from what's on our website now, although leads and thumbnails may accompany the headlines on the main page. New stories will run with ads, but only for a few weeks until they're entered into the main archives.
       The biggest changes will involve when articles are posted. Rather than news appearing once a week, expect articles to appear throughout the week, as they're finished. We've begun an e-mail alert list if you'd like to receive a notification when new stories go up! (Let us know at editor@westsidepioneer.com.)
       Some new features are coming too... buttons on the main page to take you to different categories, color on nearly every page, an enhanced Busi-ness Directory with links to advertisers' websites and an online Westside Happenings. The Classifieds page will look the same, while the Got a Card page will have website links.
       Ads will be in specific locations on the screen. We're not doing any pop-ups or ads that grow bigger or annoy the user. I'd venture to say that those kind of ads don't get good returns.
       I hope this clears up some questions about our soon-to-come, awesome new website. Now... I'd better get to work BUILDING the thing.

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