Two key meetings Oct. 22 on Westside
OWN-picked panel to focus on OCC future; meanwhile, Goodwill rethinks selling site that Kum & Go was to buy

       The future of a recently contested Discover Good-will property, as well as Old Colorado City-area development in general, will be the subject of a public meeting sponsored by the Organiza-tion of Westside Neighbors (OWN) at the Westside Community Center, 1628 W. Bijou St., Tuesday, Oct. 22 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
       According to an advance agenda, the meeting is open to citizen comments but will be led by a “review panel” consisting of:
  • Two developers who are interested in the south-2300 block property of Colorado Avenue (the one that Kum & Go agreed to buy from Goodwill for a station/store last spring, faced opposition from numerous locals and then abandoned about a month ago).
  • An independent architect.
  • Representatives of the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) business group, Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District, City Land Use Review (planning) and Goodwill.
           The Goodwill concern stems from the nonprofit not moving forward (after Kum & Go's departure) on a possible deal with local developers who have shown interest in the 2300 block. Bradd Hafer, a Goodwill spokes-person, provided the following response in an e-mail exchange this week:
           “Discover Goodwill's focus is on generating or freeing up capital from the sale or repurposing of our south-side property. The internal repurposing option we are now exploring - following two years of aggressive marketing of this property - would potentially defray other operational expenses, resulting in cost savings equivalent to or possibly greater than the commercial value of this property.
           “We are not setting a listing price for this property until our repurposing evaluation is completed, so that we can make an informed decision about whether the sale of this property is more fiscally prudent than the cost savings associated with its repurposing. We are exploring a variety of repurposing options for existing facilities and operations that could potentially be relocated to the West Colorado Avenue property.
           “Regarding your question on the status of our Retail Support Center on South Academy and Hancock, we have signed a lease-purchase agreement and are proceeding with renovations to this property, and plan to apply realized revenues from the eventual sale or repurposing of the West Colorado Avenue property to offset costs.”
           The Oct. 22 meeting agenda states that time will be set aside to discuss the Goodwill property status, to take citizen input, to hear city planners explain land-use limitations and to “determine our path forward.”
           Among the agenda's listed goals are to compile public input “in characterizing what residents and businesses deem adds stability and synergy to the OCC environment, [to] establish a 'here's what we want' recommendation for any developer looking at buying the Goodwill property or developing near the OCC area [and] to get all [who are] concerned about OCC's future on the same page.”
           The meeting Oct. 22 was announced later than the Camp Creek session on the same date, but OWN President Welling Clark said he had reserved the date for the OWN meeting well before the city announced its Camp Creek gathering.

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