Fillmore/Chestnut work nearing conclusion

       Most of the heavy work is done now on the Fillmore/Chestnut project, with no major traffic impacts anticipated.

Two workers were bundled up against the cold Nov. 25 during work to tie in the storm drain that goes under the north side of Fillmore Street.
Westside Pioneer photo

       “The job is within a few weeks of completion,” according to a recent press release from project spokesperson Sharilyn Kimberlain.
       The work the past two weeks just north of Fillmore (where the old Chestnut Street had been) involved the installation of a large new storm drain that will carry runoff into the detention pond on the south side of Fillmore. The pipe to connect the two sides had been laid in previously so no new digging across Fillmore is needed, Kimberlain said in answer to a question.
       Crews are currently finishing up their work on the storm drain as well as the pond area. Striping of the new pavement - delayed by the recent snow and cold - is expected to occur with temperatures warming up, she said.
       “After that there will be minor activities to tie the job together,” her release states. “Most activities that are left will require minor lane closure or will take place outside the traveling roadway.”
       The $7 million project, which started over a year ago and has realigned Chestnut Street and widened Fillmore up to Sage Street, is funded by the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA).
       Colorado Springs Utilities project: In unrelated, adjacent activity, Utilities is continuing work on its drought mitigation line. Crews are laying an underground, 24-inch pipe to carry raw water from the Pikeview Reservoir, near I-25 and Garden of the Gods Road, to the Mesa Water Treatment Plant, near Mesa Road and Fillmore.
       A portion of the system had been installed earlier this year as part of the Fillmore RTA project. Utilities crews have been connecting to it in recent weeks via trenches they've dug down Fillmore to about Sage Street and (north of Fillmore) along Chestnut from its realignment point. From there, the line will continue north to Ellston Street and under I-25, Utilities plans show.

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