Coronado makes OCC Homecoming hot spot

       The weather was in the 30s the morning of Coronado High's Home-coming Parade through Old Colorado City Oct. 5.
At the Coronado Homecoming Parade Oct. 5... The Cougar mascot makes friends while one of the football buses rolls past.
Therese Jordan photo

       But that didn't stop the entries - mostly bands, marchers and/or floats representing feeder schools and Coronado clubs and sports - from showing up. All 39 on the schedule, according to Coronado Student President Carter Gerber, arrived and enthusiastically followed the route east down Colorado Avenue from 28th Street to a pep rally in Bancroft Park.
       Nor did the weather dismay the typical crowd of close to 500 people, who lined the parade route (especially in the 2400 block) and sometimes exchanged cheers with (or got candy from) parade participants.
       It didn't keep the boys on the swim float from going shirtless or the Homecoming Court candidates from their tradition of riding in the open air on borrowed Corvette Club convertibles with the princesses atop the rear-deck seats.
       The early chill also didn't slow business for the third annual Pancake Breakfast in Bancroft Park (a major parade fundraiser). After starting at 7 a.m., the student cooks from a Coronado catering class “ran out of pancakes because they sold so many,” Gerber said.
       Willy Wonka was the theme, and the parade featured at least two fully outfitted Willys, plus a multitude of golden tickets.
       “We're lucky at Coronado,” commented Jesse Brinkman, Coronado's student vice president. “We have an active group of students who get involved with school spirit. I remember being told as a freshman, when you're a senior, you'll be bleeding red and gold. And it's true.”
       The morning temperatures certainly had no cooling effect on the school's scalding-hot football team. That afternoon, under by-then balmy skies, the players overwhelmed Mitchell to score a 50-7 victory and remain unbeaten at 7-0.
       The triumph continues an unprecedented season for the Westside's flagship high school (which has a history of not being a football school). This will be the Cougars' first winning football season since 1992, Gerber said. Also, noted Brinkman, no Coronado grid squad has ever started out a season with seven straight victories since the school opened in 1970.

At the Coronado Homecoming Parade Oct. 5... TOP: The Alumni Float was a tractor ride this year. BELOW: The banner carriers for the robotics float, which took first prize in the judging (earning $120 for the extracurricular enginering program).
Rioux Jordan photo (top), Travers Jordan photo (below) – special to the Westside Pioneer

       Gerber's own day warmed up as well. He had worked on the parade since last March (transitioning from 2012-13 Student President Dylan Roche), spending hours on paperwork, city regulations and various preparatory tasks with his Student Cabinet. “I was worried something would go wrong,” he confessed. “But it was fun, definitely worth it.”
       Gerber got another bonus later in the day, learning at the game's halftime ceremony that he had been named Homecoming King.
       The queen was Emily Lambert, also a senior.

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