Collaborative extends deadline for survey on aging to end of November

       A nonprofit group seeking to connect seniors with useful resources has extended the time frame for its survey of older Westsiders.
       Also, now a website is available for people wanting to fill out the 24-question form prepared by the Innovations in Aging Collaborative (IIAC).
       That website is (Non-Internet users can still get copies of the survey from the IIAC by calling 286-9389.)
       The time extension is an extra month, through the end of November, according to IIAC Executive Director Beth Roalstad.
       The survey presents various types of services, asking respondents if they think it is available and/or if they think it's needed.
       The target group for responses is people aged 55 and over, although anyone can fill out the survey.
       The idea, as Roalstad has explained, is to find out how aware seniors are of what's available, as well as what services or amenities they would like to see.
       For example, the first five survey questions ask whether the community has (or needs) free preventative screenings, nutrition classes, group meals, exercise programs and accessible local parks.
       Supported by grants, the IIAC formed a few years ago in Colorado Springs with the awareness that soon there will be numerous elderly (from the Baby Boomer generation). The IIAC decided to start an outreach effort on the Westside this year. Two major Westside groups it is working with are Silver Key Senior Services and the Westside Community Center.
       Roalstad says her group is ready to meet with small or large groups. For example, IIAC will have a table at the OWN “Future of Old Colorado City” meeting at the Westside Community Center at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 22.
       She can also be reached by e-mail at

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