Support for Pioneer’s online move
       I really needed to give my two cents worth regarding the Westside Pioneer's venture into the digital-only world of online journalism. Congratulations! Media on-line is very cool!
       After all, the world's oldest newspaper, Loyd's List of London, after more than 279 years in print (since 1734) just went digital as well. The shift to digital platforms is powerful and prevalent, and since 2008 the Internet has surpassed the print media as the way we get our news (Pew Research Study).
       For the Westside Pioneer to take this huge step to “online only” is not the death of this great local newspaper; it is, instead, the rebirth of journalism. Now your customers, me included, can access the Westside Pioneer from any coffee shop in the entire world 24/7.
       Thanks for taking this leap of faith; you will not be disappointed.

Steve Bartley