EDITORíS DESK: The night time is the white time

       Writing this early Feb. 21, I see out my window the ocean of whiteness to which Colorado Springs is waking this morning, courtesy of a steady snowfall that started the evening of the 20th and continued into the wee hours of the morn. In the process, I was struck by two thoughts:
       One, the humorous coincidence that a column in this morning's Gazette laments drought conditions and the sad fate of the state's snowpack.
       Two, the reality that in a few hours, our little family team (Therese, Travers and yours truly) will be piloting our respective vehicles through that wintry mess, for no reason other than to deliver printed copies of this newspaper to our 80-some outlets around the Westside. Younger son Rioux would be helping too, except that he's at Fort Collins, a sophomore at CSU, probably learning favorable alternatives to our soggy process.
       Speaking of all that, it occurred to me this morning that here we are in our 10th year of publication and have never written about the Westside Pioneer's circulation (other than to note readership growth that's led to print-run increases over the years). Our circulation now averages above 5,000 - a couple hundred higher in the warmer months (probably due to tourists) and occasionally 50 to 100 fewer in the colder months (probably due to days like this).
       The previously mentioned outlets did not happen by chance. A few of them we have to pay for (including both King Soopers, Safeway and Albertson's and the ore carts in Old Colorado City). Most of the others are courtesy of business owners, each of whom we approached and who kindly agreed to let us place our racks in their space.
       Travers handles most of the route, setting aside Thursday afternoons from his computer-repair business (although I hear it leads to a customer now and then). It's also a different kind of workday for Therese and me, sometimes getting to chat with people at our stops. Here's a common question I hear: "So, is anything going on?" To which I reply, handing them a paper: "It's all in here."

- K.J.