Albers, Hayes lead scholars for Class of ‘13 at Coronado High

       The Coronado High grade-point-average record rose again in 2013, as Eric Albers posted a 4.881 GPA en route to becoming his class' Valedictorian.



       The previous mark had been set by Jenna Humble last year (4.864), who in turn had broken Scott Von Thun's 4.857.
       This year's class Salutatorian is Sylvia Hayes, with a 4.796.
       Their grades (like those of top students from the previous two years, consist of A's, with the overall GPA difference depending on how many were in the higher-value advanced-placement or honors classes.
       The two will be speakers at the Coronado Class of '13 graduation May 21.
       Both Albers and Hayes had well-rounded high school careers, with particular emphasis on sports. The Valedictorian was a state-qualifying swimmer from his freshman year on, also lettering in cross-country and basketball. The Salutatorian competed in cross-country (a scoring member of the state second-place girls team last fall), track and swimming.
       Other activities included, for Albers, National Honor Society, French National Society and serving as a mentor for six freshman students in 2012-13; and, for Hayes, National Honor Society and orchestra (playing viola).
       Earning full scholarships, both top scholars are going to school out of state. Albers will be at the University of Delaware, taking honors courses and considering a major in international business. Hayes will attend Oklahoma City University, focusing on biology (pointing toward pre-med) as well as Spanish and planning to join the college's cross-country and track teams.
       Both students were also asked questions about their high school careers:
       Who are one or more people who helped you get to where you are?
       What was your most valuable high school experience?
       What's the secret(s) for getting good grades?
       Help - “My mom (Carla) gets on me about my grades. She definitely helped me through high school. I also had a great friend group, (especially) if I had trouble with calculations.”
       Experience - “Probably the state swim meet. It helps you to deal with so much pressure.”
       Grades: “I honestly didn't think it was that hard. Turn in your stuff, get to know your stuff, and don't be afraid to ask for help from friends or the teacher.”
       Help - Two teachers, Doug Hugill (cross-country) and Brent Urban (Spanish). “They were a big influence, academically and shaping me as a person. I learned to establish goals and how I can be a person having a positive influence on the world.”
       Experience - Cross-country. “It was such a good environment from day one. I made friends, and there was a sense of community with my teammates.”
       Secret: “If there is a secret, it's to do every assignment on time to the best of your abilities.”

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