Agrees with most of Sept. 19 letter
       Brad Collins hit several issues squarely on the head in his letter in the Sept. 19 Westside Pioneer (“Herpin no friend of the free market”). The ballot choice we were given was indeed between horrible and terrible and exactly for the reasons stated. Herpin's votes while on the City Council show a lack of respect for new businesses trying to get a foothold in a risky economy.
       I only disagree with Collins' conclusion that's “these are not good times to be living in Senate District 11,” and here is why:
       Hundreds of local citizens waged an uphill battle to recall a seated official, who, backed by out-of-state money, outspent the recall campaign about 5 to 1. These determined citizens spent countless hours and did manage an historic recall, the first of its kind in Colorado. We are truly grateful and will not soon forget their dedication!
       But now the real battle begins. Bernie Herpin knows he was elected by folks who were fed up with empty rhetoric and voting contrary to the wishes of the electorate. I, for one, expect to watch closely the voting record of this newest state senator, and the moment he forgets his constituency and his promises to them, my car will be headed to Denver to remind him that recalls can work. Here's hoping a few hundred folks in Senate District 11 do the same!

Sharon McKiernan